Friday, July 16, 2010

When I jumped - I landed flat on my face...

Is it Monday?!!??

So far today - I feel as though I've struck out.
Beating my OWN head against the wall.
Some days are more frugal than others and today is not one of them.

Some days I feel like God is holding my hand and taking me down a path
and some days I feel like I just smashed a wall.

Some days I feel like people get me
and some days I feel like EVERYONE thinks I have lost my mind.

Some days I feel as though I'm making good decisions
and some days - I feel like EVERYTHING I do is questioned and not enough.

It seems as though no matter how HARD I try to do the right thing and think and plan ahead, it's just NEVER enough.  Someone tells me I'm irresponsible, someone tells me I'm wrong, someone looks at me like I'm stupid, someone has a "better idea"...


I'm over it.

how about this?
if it gets done, it gets done
and if it doesn't - WHY the crap should I care?????
no one else does until it's too late!!!!!

today = EPIC FAIL.
Good thing it's Friday.

1 comment:

Kate Murphy said...

I'm the same way, believe me. I'm always wondering if people think I'm off my rocker. Cute site!