Friday, May 3, 2013

Passion?!! I lift cuz I'm CrAzY!!

 It's something that's missing in almost everyone.
No one is passionate about anything anymore... we just float through life letting whatever will be... BE!

Someone recently asked me how I got into power lifting and why?

What changed in me.... what clicked?!

And what my ultimate goal might be?

 It reminded me of an episode of Big Bang Theory (THE BEST show on TV!) where Penny gets a little distraught about not being passionate about anything.

I remember thinking that before... answering a question on one of those stupid surveys about your passion? What is your passion or your hobby?
I always thought... Well, I'm a single mother to a boy... My passion is pretty much what his interests include... basketball, baseball, North Carolina Tarheels, etc.
I didn't have TIME for MY passion ( or the money to SHOP... Which lets admit IS my passion! Ha)

Actually, as it turns out, I have learned you have TIME for what you MAKE time for. And I didn't make time for anything else.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still passionate about my child and his passions, but I have time to be passionate about ME too!!!

So, here's where it starts...

I was determined to get back in shape... With my ultimate goal being "to have a 6-pack".
Every girl dreams of that flat stomach you had when you were 12! Right?!!
So I joined a gym. With no direction. Cardio was all I knew? I lifted a little before, but I really had no idea what direction to go with that. So I guess my intent was cardio. And maybe a few machines that I could wander over to without feeling stupid????

Insert B-rad!!! ( my little power liftin honey! )

I talked to him about my plan and he suggested some weights. Blahhhhh. I feel stupid. I was afraid. But I followed his direction nonetheless.

I remember walking into his gym that first time with him and all his boys. I remember watching them pick up weights that I just couldn't BELIEVE was possible!!!
I mean, it truly IS crazy to watch!!
BUT.... As cool as it is for them... Still.... Not for me. I just want a flat stomach. No need to be breaking my back and crap!!!

I started with some beginning strength stuff. In other words - I worked on my BOOTY!  I did a LOT of SQUATTING!!! And if you missed my squat blog, check it HERE - for my Mission Impossible.
Quite amusing!!!!

So - come December. My sweet little B-rad convinced me to do a meet. For "fun" he said. Now, MY idea of fun is NOT standing up in front of a room full of people with all eyes on me. In fact the thought of that makes my "private, not for display self" wanna THROW UP!!! But I love him and he wanted so bad for me to share this passion with him. So I agreed to lift.
I was a nervous wreck.
And felt nowhere NEAR strong enough to be competing!!!
It was just a push pull meet. Which means bench first, then deadlift. I benched. And it was ok, but mostly because there were no girls that were "great" on the bench. (NO competition!)  We were all about the same. Then came deadlift. Now going in, I felt pretty OK about my deadlift. I mean I felt stronger than when I started... so ehhhh ... It was ok. And I lifted. My max that day was 205. Which in my mind that day felt pretty good.

I want you to know ....
This LITTLE HOOCHIE girl came right up behind me and picked up 300 pounds!!!

It was over.

My mind was blown

And she awakened something in me that I forgot I had!!!  
The desire to win!!!

Sure, now I enjoy lifting and I enjoy knowing I'm getting stronger
It IS my passion!!!
I know it takes time.
And I have to make the time.

But WHY do I do it????

To be different.
To awaken that inner child that wanted to win when I played hide n seek.
To feed that little girl that always wanted to be on the winning team.
To defy the odds.
To prove to myself that I am capable of way more than I believed!!!
To amaze myself


I tried to show my son videos and it does nothing for him.
It's not HIS passion.
It is mine!

People may not understand it. And people may get tired of hearing me talk about it.
But everyone has their own niche.
Powerlifting and getting stronger is mine.
I FOUND my passion!!!

As far as a goal goes... I make small goals almost every day... as I progress
I want each lift to be better than the lift before
I want to compete.
And I want to win!!!
I want to, first of all, be better than myself!!
I want to prove that I am stronger today than I was yesterday!!!

I know that there is always someone stronger than me somewhere... But I'm gonna do my best and work hard as heck to be stronger every day!!  I strive at every work out to be stronger than I was at the last!

SO - If you have considered getting in shape or working out for whatever reason, don't do it just to check a box. Find a niche. Find your passion!!
It makes it so much better for you, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally when you are actually doing something you ENJOY with a GOAL in mind!
Something should DRIVE you!
Compete with yourself and compete with others.  
Crush faces!!!
Find your inner "need to win!"   I bet you forgot it was there!

Someone named Edward made a video featuring one of the (in my opinion) MOST motivational inspiring power lifters that I know out there.
Mr. Brandon Lilly.
Watch this video
If it doesn't touch you or inspire something out of you - you just might be DEAD INSIDE!!!!

Whatever YOUR passion might be - do it with ALL your heart and always try to be better tomorrow than you are today.  Otherwise, what do you have to be passionate about?

NOW - have a GREAT weekend 
and go be passionate about something!!!!!

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