Thursday, May 16, 2013

~Motivational Monday ... or Tuesday... or whatever~

I haven't been able to keep my days straight this week anyway.....  so WHATERRR

Good Monday Morning peeps!!
(It's past Monday now but I never got to post this Monday and I wanted to share!)

Sorry it's been a bit since I've been by - but the month of May always proves to be a whirlwind!!
Birthdays galore
(my son's 18th this year!)
Upcoming vacations...
the list goes on and on...

And now, unlike previous years - I have gym time TRAINING thrown in there!

Today (Monday) - Just like every other day - I had to fight to get my butt out of bed this morning.
*Reminder - I'm SO not a morning person*
But today it was a little more than that.
Sunday night is gym night.
It's squat night.  Always.

Remember a few short weeks ago, we went to Berea to do our "mock meet" to see where we stood on our lifts after a full run through The Cube Method.
I squatted 185 there.  A BIG PR for me!
(I did 145 at our last meet.)
I've squatted more than that in the gym since that meet - but it doesn't count until it hits the platform.
185 wasn't technically on a platform.. (although I would hardly call being IN FRONT OF BRANDON LILLY not a platform!!)  Regardless it put it in my head that I KNOW I can squat 185.
I did it.
And now I know it.

Well - Sunday night was our rep squat night where, as we are getting closer to an upcoming meet, I like to test myself.  So I hit 155 for 2!  Should have videoed that as it is a gym PR for sure!  Oh wait - I DID!!!
I digress...
That double felt so good I decided to go up.
Knowing that I have hit 185 - I went straight for 190.
 Should be in the bag.
Loaded the bar and walked it out.
Walking it out, I didn't feel good.  Felt shaky and just not confident under the bar.
(the 185 I had squatted was from a mono lift which means I didn't have to walk it out)
So I went down in the squat and got stuck there in the hole.
Booooooooo - reverting back to OLD CRAP!!!
BUT - being that I didn't feel good and solid before the lift - I blamed it on that.
I sat down, regrouped, let some others lift and decided I should hit it again.
Again - KNOWING in my head I should be able to do this and blaming the 1st attempt miss on instability under the bar.
2nd attempt:  I stuck in the bottom again.

Now I know not ALL (no one?  crickets....) of you all out there that read my blog CARE a thing in the world about me lifting weights  (I have been called "excessive" - and that's ok - I prefer to refer to it as passionate! ) so I get that you may not care that I missed 190.

BUT - let me put it to you like this....

Have you ever tried to do ANYTHING that you knew you should be able to do?  You go out there... prepared, trained and ready to conquer the world.  And you fail.
But then - just out of spite and the pure burning desire to do what you know you can do - you try it AGAIN!??  And you fail?!!
Do you feel me now?
Do you feel that frustration deep inside your soul spinning and churning and raising your blood pressure to the point of the top of your head blowing off like in the cartoons?


Well whether it is weights or a ballgame or a picture your painting or whatEVER it might be... you can NOT fight the disappointment in yourself.


Here's where your truth STRENGTH occurs.

One of my lifting boys told me something his coach told him years ago... and it is TRUE in everything in life.
We are all going to have good days and bad days.
Period.  It happens.
True inner STRENGTH is BUILT by taking advantage of those GOOD days and using them to the BEST of your ABILITY.
But ALSO fighting harder to get THROUGH those bad days and leaving it at the table at the end of the day. Don't let it crush you.  Don't sit down and die.
Push harder and USE it to your advantage later!

Failure is not always a BAD thing.
Nobody WANTS to fail.  Clearly.
BUT it's that FAILURE that happened to me Sunday night while squatting that will DRIVE me and MOTIVATE me the next time I get under a squat bar.

Take the bad with the good and learn how to use them BOTH to your advantage.
No one wants to MISS a lift - I can promise you that.
No one want to lose a ballgame.
No one WANTS to fail

Your true character is built by what you do with the disappointment
Your true character is shown by how you build yourself up from that  fall.

Don't let life get you down.
No one is perfect.
Just strive to be better tomorrow than you are today.

If everyone did that - I bet there would be a lot less depression, obesity, "HATIN", laziness and people expecting something for nothing in this world.

EVERYONE needs some passion in their life!

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