Saturday, October 16, 2010

I don't see me anymore

When I look at you
I don't see me anymore
Just an empty shell
that used to be my home

When you look in my eyes
tell me who do you see
Because the girl staring back
is not who she used to be

There once was a time
when I saw me in your eyes
I was strong, I was good
and together we could face anything

Life has come in and carried us on
and the love that we share and the me that I knew
has changed with the time
leaving just my empty soul-less eyes

The who that we are today
is not the who that we were
Time has marched on
our dreams fade and change

And though there is nothing I can do
but let time take it's course
and let you be you...
The me in your eyes
and the me in the mirror
is not the me that I know

{{Nothing in this blog is directed at any one person or thing in my life.... just random thoughts and emotions from life... put to pen!  
Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by how MUCH life has changed and how quick - that I don't know where I fit, or if I fit AT ALL  ..... and some days, I don't know who I am anymore....}}


Deidra Faith said...

Thank you for sharing. This speaks volumes you to me. I'm going to post a link to it on my blog...sums up how I'm feeling right now.

MJ said...

Girlie, your ability to put into words what is felt by many is amazing.
I can only imagine the sense of overwhelm you are feeling right now, but I KNOW you will figure out your place here in life and that when you look in the mirror YOU are still there.