Friday, November 9, 2012

Lions and Donkeys and Elephants OH MY!

As has everyone else I'm sure, I have seen so much negativity from the onset of election day to the end and beyond. 
We are a nation divided for sure.
People for Obama, people against.... people who know nothing about politics and people that do.  People who pick out ONE thing to focus on and people who just criticize an entire running platform.

I will refrain from posting my political views here....
Do you want to know why?!!
The election is over.
The choice has been made.
We have a president.
And the fact of the matter is - agree or not agree with his platform - one thing rings true.....

HE is not my KING


I will support him as my president.  But I will not put all of my hope for a future for our country in one man.
And neither should you.

No matter who is our president, we have to understand and know that God has allowed that
And rather than putting ALL your hope in a man - OR focusing all your HATE toward a man... how about you do this??

How about since we are all so focused on making America better.... how about since all we talk about is how the world is going to hell in hand basket.... how about since everyone wants to TALK and CRITICIZE everything going on around us....

Why don't we ALL do this???

FOCUS on YOUR yard.
What can YOU do to make a change?
What can YOU do to make this country better?
How can you help?

Instead of letting a man take all the responsibility - why don't you take some too?

Give to your neighbor
Pray for another
Go to church on Sunday morning and WORSHIP who you need to worship not WHAT.  (Not money, not your car, not your job, not the president.... not material things!!)
BE THANKFUL for where you are and what you have - but KNOW how you got it and who blesses you every day!

Instead of being mad or sad or whatever emotion comes with not getting your way.... instead - fill YOURSELF with hope - don't depend on someone else to do it.
Sure there are bad things out there.  We as a country may be in a rut.
But at the same time - there are plenty of things to be thankful for.

We ARE a blessed nation.
Believe that.
We ARE still one nation under GOD - whether people choose to recognize it or not.

The election is over
The choice has been made

Now - focus on YOUR yard and what YOU can do to make life better for you, for others, and for the children we leave this mess behind to!

A friend of mine shared a song earlier in the week that I want to share with you.   It's intent may be speaking of a church dividing - but listen to the words and it could very easily be used to describe the divide in America today.
We ALL need each other and the only way to survive is to work together and stop turning against each other.
Whether you be a Donkey, an Elephant, a lion, a tiger or a bear  :)

I hope you enjoy and it gives you hope for our future

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Stacey said...

Amen. our country will only heal and prosper by honoring God.