Thursday, July 19, 2012



Yes - I KNOW I just got back from California,  and it was awesome!
and I am soooo soooo lucky I got to go!!
BUT that was for work....

(wait - I didn't share those pics - did I?  I must do that!!!  It was on my bucket list!!)
*sharing my pics is not on my bucket list - going to California was... duhhhhhhhh*

It's time for vacation!!!

For REAL this time!!!!

Up until this last year - I feel like part of me has been "in school" my entire life!!!!  I finally finished, then went back to school for ultrasound, finished ultrasound school and went straight to work.  No time to play!!!
And even though I finished school and got a FABULOUS job  - I STILL study for Boards!!!  (it never stops!)

so.....Next week is my time to play - FINALLY!!!!!
no thinking....... just playing...... and enjoying the carefree life of the island with the man I love by my side!  (WHAT?!!!  Did I say that out loud??!!)

Baby boy will be at home for this one...... he gets his island after graduation... right after he gets his college acceptance letter!!!! 

Shortly after I return from my island getaway - my baby boy will begin his senior year.... and I definitely need to decompress before THAT reality hits home!!!!  WOW.  His senior year.   I have lots of FUN planned for him for that last year... but that is also going to be combated with some HARD work on his side.... preparing for college!!!  OH MAN - I don't even like to say it..... scares me to death!


Bring on ONE MORE work day so I can pack up and head out!!!!!
I will be flying down to Miami to spend a couple of days... and then setting SAIL on Monday for the BEAUTIFUL.... "oh how I've missed you" .... CARIBBEAN!!!!!!!

Can't wait!!!!!!

I'll be sure to share the wonders of the Caribbean with you all  :)

Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!   (soon......... so very soon!!!)


Scope said...

My vaycay starts tomorrow, too. And the woman I love will be at my side, too. But I will be in the very opposite corner of the lower 48 from Miami, that's for sure.

Stacey said...

Have fun, Tami! I wanna hear more about this man you love??? For some reason you haven't been showing up in my readers list, so I must of missed a lot.