Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you ever have a day....
one of those days where it's like EVERYTHING is on your nerves?!!
I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!

and it's not that I'm in a bad mood - I'm really not
It's more like I just don't have any tolerance for stupidity or anything that isn't.... (this will shock you) Black or White!!!!!!

I feel like a million gazillion people have their hands on my arms and legs and ears and face and fingers and toes and MY SOUL.... just pulling.... tugging - and I just wanna SCREAM

I don't want to THINK.

I wanna run away to a town where no one knows my name.
And sit at a table outside and enjoy some coffee and watch people pass me by....
and not talk...
or think...
OR CARE!!!!!!

I need an adventure

Do they make a pill for this???!!!!!!  LOL


BUT - here's my solution.......

Whatever you focus on, you will soon become!!

I have a GREAT job!
I work with some pretty great peeps.
I have an AWESOME family
I LOVE my son! He's GREAT!  (even with the teenage attitude!)
My vehicle is paid for and I'm almost completely debt free!
I have spectacular friends!
One of my besties just got married!  (she's in Jamaica and that makes me a TAD bit green - ha)
I have a roof over my head
and running water
and food on the table
and GOD on my side!

Isn't it amazing how that changes your perspective INSTANTLY!

My advice to you - the same advice to myself when I get like this:   Push all the hands away and make a list of the many blessings in your life!

I.  Am.  Blessed!  :)
And thank GOD!

{{I could still use a beach and some vacation}}   ;-)

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