Monday, March 19, 2012

LOVE does exist! (and so do I!)

Hey Hey to everyone!!!
I'm still here!!!
Oh I have missed writing....
but I've been busy, oh so busy....

doing little things.... like.... getting a second job (taking call at night)
Busy watching some NCAA basketball (GO UNC!!!)....
Busy with my son starting baseball season and preparing for that....

OH!!!! and busy........oh I don't know.......

and GETTING ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right!
Just happened.... and I thought....
HELLO - what better reason to get back to my blog!  ;-)

And I wanna throw some NUMBERS at ya....
(while your picking your jaw up off the ground!)

"officially" I have been divorced 3 months....
separated for 5 months...
but the fire was gone from my marriage LONG before that.
I was married for BARELY over 1 year.

I have known my NOW fiance for..... ready for this....  under 3 months.
How many of you are freaking out right now??!!
(show of hands!)

Do you think people look at me as the "crazy" girl.... running from one marriage right into another?  Or the "crazy" girl marrying a man I hardly know!??

Well - ok - nevermind.  Whatever you think about the numbers....  Let it go!
I have never......
and I DO mean NEVER... been treated with so much respect and adoration by a man in my life!

Are there little things that I might not know yet?
And still lots more to learn.....??
But in all honesty - you can say that after knowing someone for years.

What I do know is that I have never been so happy and treated so GREAT in all my life!
yeah - I know I said that before.....
But what I can tell you for sure is this:

My eyes have been re-opened to a world that I used to believe in!!!
Unfortunately, until now, I had let myself be convinced that it wasn't reality!

To all of you single girls out there...... who BELIEVE in true love and BELIEVE that there is a man who WILL treat you like a princess and adore your every trait...
I have a man who is actually EXCITED to marry me!
I have a man who actually WANTS to take care of me!
I have a man who is interested in my life AND my son's life!
I have a man who loves the good about me and - believe it or not - loves the bad ;-)
- DON'T settle for less than that.
Don't settle for a man telling you "this is as good as it gets" when you just need to feel loved.
Don't settle for a man who doesn't just stand by during the good - but also works through the bad!
Don't settle for a man telling you that passion fades the day you say I DO - that's just life.
Don't settle for a man who puts anyone or anything before you and your relationship/marriage.
Don't EVER settle for someone who doesn't tell you and show you every day that he loves you!!!

Don't ever stop believing and giving every bit that you have to offer - to a man who really deserves it!

So while some might call me CRAZY - I call me LUCKY.
VERY lucky...
(and I'm pretty sure that anyone who's met Joe and been around us, will call me lucky too!)
I'm blessed to be a living example that even when things seem bad and don't make sense, there will be a day when you look back and realize - things happen for a reason.... the good AND what seems like the bad!!

I am one HAPPY and LUCKY LUCKY girl!!!!!!!!
True selfless passionate undying love is out there - to give AND to receive!!!  :)

Never stop believing and NEVER settle for less!

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Scope said...

I proposed to my wife the 7th time I saw her. We'd spent less then 30 days together in those 7 months.

And you know how that's going.