Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter AUTOCORRECT...... F.A.I.L.!!!

So.......  how was YOUR Easter??
What about ur kiddos?  Did they get everything they wanted from the Easter Bunny?

Please allow me to tell you about our VITAMIN gift!
cuz I AM without a doubt, the BEST Easter Bunny EVAHHHHH!
let me remind you that I'm the SAME mom that sent my child upstairs to get me a blanket a few years ago;  under which were hiding ALL of his Christmas gifts to be wrapped!!
Worst secret keeper EVER!!

So this year.... being a new step-mom, I was so excited to get baskets and gifts for ALL the kiddos.  I was of course, as always, last minute shopping on Saturday afternoon.  Preacher T was off to another softball tourney with the youngest.  While shopping I TEXTED to ask T what favorite candies the girls would like.  I also asked about gifts.  Something small but fun and cheap (being that we are on a pretty tight budget)
I found a movie for the older of the girls, and proceeded to text to ask which movie the youngest would like out of a list of movies.......

Here is how the text conversation went:

me:   {regarding movies} Tangled?   Babe?  Bolt?  Coraline?  Shrek?
T:  Seen them all.  I'm not sure if she has seen vitamins though
me:  Vitamins?  
{{I'm thinking he meant that he isn't sure if she has any vitamins though.  thinking he mis-typed!}}
T:  Gummy I guess or gum vitamins
{{now I'm thinking he really is suggesting vitamins - after I asked about movies!!}}
me:  but I got (older child) a movie.  about horses.  true story
T:  Cool

Did you follow all of that?
I just asked about an Easter gift for youngest, stating I'm getting the other a movie.  and have been told to get VITAMINS.
At this point, I guess I was just thinking there was some inside joke with vitamins and it would be great.
So I got gummy vitamins.


I'm getting baskets ready.  Candy is packed up and ready in the baskets.
I go to put the "gift" items in respective baskets.
Z's gift
older girl's gift
and then.......
I pull out the VITAMINS for the youngest.
T gives me that "what the CRAP?" look and I respond with......... YEAH - that's what I thought when you said VITAMINS!!!!!!!
he said..... NO NO NOOOOOO - I did not say VITAMINS.  I said CORALINE.

NOPE.  You didn't

So he proceeds to pull up the TEXT conversation.
where it CLEARLY says VITAMINS!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL - are you SERIOUS?????
he tried to type the movie "Coraline" and Lord only knows what he actually typed.
but insert AUTOCORRECT
thus we have VITAMINS!!!!

and THAT is why we don't text GIFTS!!!!!

We improvised and made do..... but seriously..... I think the youngest might just get a new bottle of vitamins EVERY YEAR for EASTER!!!!!!
Or maybe I shall put them in Preacher T's stocking  :)

Another autocorrect fail.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brown chicken Brown cow!!!

yeah yeah yeah.... I despise that song too - LOL
but - you can't take me down today!
(even after 78239872234 days of rain!!!)
I'm doing a happy dance, singing a song, and well.... it's been HOW MANY years since I've done a real live cartwheel??? but I'm doin it!!!
I'm listening to music and cleaning my house!  YEP - I'm in THAT good of a mood!


I just took my final for my last semester of actual class time!  PHYSICS!  AND I got a 92!  yep - sure did.  92 in PHYSICS - YAY me!!!!
now granted - it's a TOUGH HARD CRAZY road ahead, I still have to finish up final clinical rotation (but I have checked off on all scans I need to check off on) AND I still have those Board tests to take (which I have heard HORROR stories about), but today, I feel like I have NOT actually wasted the last year of my life and I feel as though God has led me down a road and he's still holding my hand.  He isn't letting go yet.    We still have a few more hurdles to cross, but I guess this test today was just a MUCH NEEDED reminder that God brought me here for a reason and he's gonna continue carrying me through  :)

{{SHOUT OUT to Preacher T for the EXCELLENT service and MUCH NEEDED message at church Sunday!  I love you and am so proud to call such a GREAT man of God, my husband!}}

Hope everyone else is having a GREAT Monday also  :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Scars of the Lost

She was 17 and the good girl always played
But something finally broke in her; and all faith in life was lost
She turned away from friends and family and those who loved her most
The hurt and pain found a door to hell through drugs and alcohol
With a man to hold her late at night she would pretend it wasn’t real
But the pain and the shame were never far away
and soon enough any hope was lost.

She was beaten battered and lost inside
And the hand that she’d been dealt
Was kindly folded up and tucked away
While she closed her eyes and wept.

Time passed on and before too long a child to her was born,
And although with him came love & hope
The shame and guilt would never go away
So she closed her eyes and kept trudging on, hoping love would one day win
But one by one people came along and one by one they went.
Each one leaving only...disappointment and broken hearts

The days and months kept passing by and that child he did grow
Into a strong and fine young man of which she grew so proud
She too had grown strong but bitter, and she gave up on life and love
She did her job, she loved her son and no one else was ever given
the right to enter into this life of safety for him she’d created
No longer could they break her heart for it was no longer for the taking

She was beaten battered and lost inside
And the hand that she’d been dealt
Was kindly folded up and tucked away
While she closed her eyes and wept.

Found this searching though old blogs..... added a song and thought I would share again.....
{{  cause... well.... sometimes I impress myself - ha ha  }