Monday, April 25, 2011

Brown chicken Brown cow!!!

yeah yeah yeah.... I despise that song too - LOL
but - you can't take me down today!
(even after 78239872234 days of rain!!!)
I'm doing a happy dance, singing a song, and well.... it's been HOW MANY years since I've done a real live cartwheel??? but I'm doin it!!!
I'm listening to music and cleaning my house!  YEP - I'm in THAT good of a mood!


I just took my final for my last semester of actual class time!  PHYSICS!  AND I got a 92!  yep - sure did.  92 in PHYSICS - YAY me!!!!
now granted - it's a TOUGH HARD CRAZY road ahead, I still have to finish up final clinical rotation (but I have checked off on all scans I need to check off on) AND I still have those Board tests to take (which I have heard HORROR stories about), but today, I feel like I have NOT actually wasted the last year of my life and I feel as though God has led me down a road and he's still holding my hand.  He isn't letting go yet.    We still have a few more hurdles to cross, but I guess this test today was just a MUCH NEEDED reminder that God brought me here for a reason and he's gonna continue carrying me through  :)

{{SHOUT OUT to Preacher T for the EXCELLENT service and MUCH NEEDED message at church Sunday!  I love you and am so proud to call such a GREAT man of God, my husband!}}

Hope everyone else is having a GREAT Monday also  :)

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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

My kiddos sing that song ALL the's alwas stuck in my head!

Happy Monday to you too.