Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On a white horse?? nahhhhhh

Watched a movie ...
put some things into a new perspective.
Not really new for me, just a reaffirmation of sorts!

Remember as little girls (boys.... you know the story too) we all dreamed of the "Cinderella" story... our prince riding in on a white horse and sweeping us off our feet and riding off into the sunset happily ever after.
Yeah - ok - we believed that maybe yesterday when we were very young.
But then we got older; we watched movies like Pretty Woman and believed in our modified grown up "Cinderella" story.  A rich handsome man would come rescue us from our hard life and take care of us and we would live happily ever after.

WHERE ladies did we get so darn preoccupied with NEEDING a man to RESCUE us!!!!!!
....stupid Disney movies!!!!!!!!!

But I mean... really... as we get older - do you REALLY believe that is the way things happen?!!  And in all honesty - do you really truly WANT that?
My mom told me once, as women, we should never get ourselves into a situation that if something happened, you couldn't take care of yourself.
My interpretation:  never depend SOLELY on another person... financially OR purely for your happiness.

#1 - be happy with you FIRST
#2 - always be prepared for the worst.  Don't EXPECT it.... but be prepared.   Speaking from experience, you never know how dependable that Prince will be!!!!!

I am one of those crazy girls that STILL believes in true love!  I do.
EVEN after having my heart shredded to bits and being disappointed like I never imagined.
Even after that.....
I'm one of those girls that still believes...... that still hopes........  one of those that CAN, and DOES, still sit down and watch a good love story and STILL believe that YES - there are men out there capable of loving!

I don't NEED a prince.  I would like a genuine honest trustworthy caring man....
but I don't NEED him to sweep me off my feet.  Just love me for ME.

I don't NEED someone to take care of me.  I would like someone to help take care of US...
but I don't NEED him to put me on a pedestal every day, just respect me as his partner.

So I'm watching this movie....
honestly having NO IDEA what I'm in for - and to be honest - I was pleasantly surprised.

"Friends with Benefits"  (Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis)
Based on the previews, it looked funny.
(plus - hello - it had JT shirtless!  LOL)

So I'm watching and a scene comes up (I'm not ruining the movie for you.....) where Mila and her mother are discussing "prince charming"
and I felt just like it was me and my mom... sitting there having the same conversation!!!!!

MOM:  "We all have our prince charming - you just have to know it when you see him!"

DAUGHTER:  "Mom, it's PRINCE CHARMING - we should just KNOW"

MOM:  "YOUR prince charming is not going to RESCUE you with a horse and carriage - that's not who YOU are!!  You're looking for a man to be your PARTNER... to take on the world WITH you!"

"You gotta UPDATE your fairy tale!".

my movie... my character.... my fairytale!
LOVE IT!  :)

I remembered that I DO believe in true love  :) 
always have... always will... even if it's not for me...

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Scope said...

Glad you still believe in love. It would be so easy for you to become a non-believer, at least for a while.