Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm confused.... no wait.... maybe I'm not?

So I work hard.
I do.
I try to make wise decisions.
I try to plan for a future.
I'm not malicious.
I don't like to hurt people.
It's not in my nature.
{Wait, I'm also NOT a doormat; tread lightly!}

So why is it that I am now in a position where I can look back at choices I have made, steps I have taken to lead me down the current path I'm on...
I look back and see how one decision led to another decision that led to another decision....
making one opportunity turn into another opportunity and then yet another opportunity.
And it EXCITES me.  It AMAZES me.  It brings me to my knees what God has done in my life.  I look at these things and I am in AWE.


No matter how hard I try.... and no matter how thankful I am.... I look around and I see people around me getting hurt.  I look around and I see people back-stabbing and talking behind backs.  I hear people putting ME down.  I get word back that so-and-so said THIS, and so-and-so said THAT....  that just because something good happened to me, everyone assumes that I did something wrong and everyone automatically puts me down.  People question MY character.
At no point have I maliciously done anything to anyone.... I'm simply trusting in God to take me where I need to be.... but because of decisions I have made and paths I have taken, people get hurt, people turn evil, people turn ugly.

So at what point do I get to be thankful without hurting someone's feelings?!
At what point am I treated like a person and not like someone who set out to hurt YOU?

Human nature is just UGLY.

I guess all I can do is thank MY GOD for what he has done in my life and the opportunity he has provided and the people he has put in my life to love and protect me.  And pray for those who choose to let life make them ugly and bitter

I am NOT confused about what to be thankful for. 

I AM confused as to why people act the way they act?!


Scope said...

Some people are so unhappy, that they begrudge others' happiness.

They are like "Haters".

Tami G said...

Scope - funny you say that. That's my husbands FAVORITE word... "haters"! LOL