Thursday, December 30, 2010

I need a new boyfriend!

So I've only been married for four months right.

My first and ONLY marriage (yeah at 34....)

It's ME, Preacher T, my son Z (15) and T's two girls (8 & 11)

Before the wedding.... I had this idea of what life would be like once we were married.
Yeah.... I DO realize some of it was a bunch of fairy tale CROCK - but some of it, REALLY....
well - I guess some of it....   well - it's just been surprising.

Here's what I've got so far
The difference between my BOYFRIEND and being married.....

{{sidenote - this is a parody - LAUGH - don't take it too serious }}

my boyfriend brought me cards and flowers
my husband brings me..... ummmmm....... yeah....  a big long string of complaints about the house, the day, the kids etc

my boyfriend used to sit up all night with me talking and laughing
my husband is ready for bed at 8:00

my boyfriend told me all the time how much he loved me and why
my husband rarely sometimes remembers to say it before he passes out in bed

my boyfriend used to tell me how HOT I am
my husband loves to make fun of lovingly criticize everything I say and do

my boyfriend used to LOVE to hold me
my husband has to sleep facing the other direction cuz his shoulder hurts

my boyfriend used to wish he could spend the night with me so he could hold me all night
my husband gets too hot when I drape my leg across his

my boyfriend would come over and tell me how great the house looks
my husband comes in and says "What ELSE did you do today?"

and last but not least of the things that I CAN mention 
my boyfriend couldn't stop kissing me or keep his hands off of me
my husband fell asleep last night while I showered and proceeded to put lotion on myself BY MYSELF!

And men say WOMEN change after marriage.....
Does anyone have a boyfriend I can borrow????  LOL

I love you T!!!  :-)

CUZ... you see....
I DO have the BEST husband  :)  I DO!!
it was my husband who let me quit my job so that I can focus on school (6 more months!)
and it was my husband who got me a pair of Miss Me (my FAVORITE) jeans for Christmas
and it was my husband who got me a PHAT Miss Me purse for our 1 year anniversary (of the night I fell in love) and he picked it out all by himself  :)
and it was my husband who rolled over and rubbed my shoulders this morning

and it was my husband who stopped and got me a blizzard last night without even having to ask me (or ask what flavor!!)
and it IS my husband that I watch deliver God's word EVERY Sunday morning
and it IS my husband that I admire because his big ol' heart is almost as big as mine!  ha ha
and it IS my husband who can ALWAYS make me smile NO MATTER WHAT

and... well..... he still IS the guy who gives me butterflies when he says "I love you"... not just the "hanging up the phone" or "going to bed" I love you's.  You know the one I mean... when your man looks you in the eyes and says I love you and you can see straight to his soul.  YEP - still got that.  :)

and YES honey.... I know you get hot at night and I know sometimes I'm mean and sometimes I have a bad day and I'm a big ol' cry baby!!!
So MORE than anything.... it's my husband who loves me for JUST WHO I am and JUST THE WAY I am!  and it's my husband who will still be holding my hand in our rocking chairs when we're 90 years old, sitting on the front porch making fun of all the people who have been a part of our crazy happy upside down world we live in!
I love you baby  ;-)
Now if I could just get him to put lotion on my back every night.
Come on - it's winter - it's like the Sahara desert over here!!!!!!!  LOL!


Scope said...

"Radiator leg." I usually keep one leg out from under the covers to help regulate the the temperature.

Shayna P said... true. Love it. LOL