Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking Back...... (no Garth.... not YOU)

  {{Don't you put that song in my head!!!}

I just looked back at posts from a year ago....
My oh MY how much has changed in one short year and OH the blessings I have in my life!!!

Since I haven't had time to post a Thankgiving "thankful" speech
please allow to somewhat do that now.......

First - go back with me a little.......
One year ago - I fell in love with the man I now call my husband.
Yes that's right....
in less than ONE year....we fell in love and decided we didn't want to go on through life without being a part of each other's forever.
ahhhhhhhhh - weren't things simpler back then?!  LOL

GO BACK and read THIS post from Thanksgiving 2009

In one short - VERY busy..... and did I mention SHORT.... year - I have fallen in love, expanded my family, started ultrasound school (which I am now ALMOST to the half way mark of), quit my job, gone back to waitressing, found some new friends, lost some old ones....   oh the list goes ON and ON and ONNNN!!  But just for one minute, I just want to gloat!
I want to BRAG!!!!
I want to look back at where I was at Thanksgiving last year...... (sooooooo HAPPY) and look how much my life has grown and flourished in just that one short year.

Ain't God GOOD!!!!!!!!

That is all   :)


Amethyst Moon said...

I too, had garth singing in my head at your title! Lol! It is amazing to look back and see how things have changed. congrats to all you've accomplished in a year.

By the way I have a blog hop for linking up old stories. come check it out:

Scope said...

Isn't it amazing where you can have years that nothing really happens, and then POW! all at once? Same happened over here, too, but we stretched it out over a year and a half.