Sunday, December 28, 2014

A brand New Avenue

I need some help. I have completely abandoned my blog here and I miss it. I want to pick it back up, but I need an overhaul. 

I have debated started fresh with a brand new image. BUT this page is me... It's my life over the last few years and I don't want to abandon it. It's all about my journey. So instead, I want to keep my space here, with the same title.... BUT with a new perspective, a new look and even more inspiration than ever. 

I. Need. An. Overhaul. 

Can anyone design blog spaces!??  
And I'm still on the fence with either staying on Blogger OR moving to WordPress!??  If I move to WordPress can I transfer everything I have here!??  

Someone please get back with me so I can get my ball rolling before the New Year rolls in!!!

1 comment:

Scope said...

When I wanted to do a redesign, I just used the tools in Blogger.

That's all I know.