Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movin on UP!

to the East side....
I finally got a piece of the piiiie!!!  LOL

I'm just here to brag...
just a little...
while still being HUMBLE because I still KNOW my place on the food chain


I'm all about recognizing baby steps
or ANY steps - when they are in the RIGHT direction!

GUESS WHAT I did today?!!

I did THREE ultrasound scans today ALL BY MYSELF!
that's right!
just me, the patient, and an ultrasound machine.

And it was three different studies.  One of which being an OB scan... 20 week baby which is the longest most intense study I can think of (as of now anyway.... still being a dummy newbie and all)
Now - GRANTED - a real TRAINED tech comes in behind me and takes better more pictures, and takes the pictures I might have forgotten been unable to get... and the measurements that I screwed up didn't get quite right....


regardless.... I felt somewhat accomplished today.
at least a little more confident.

and CONFIDENCE along with education, and training and LOTS of experience is a KEY component to a long healthy and HAPPY career choice!  whooooo hooooooo!!!

and bring on the weekend!!!!!!!


*LLUVIA* said...

Cool! I always wanted to do this kind of stuff!!! What a career..getting to see babies in the making all day long!! :-) Congrats!

Stacey said...

Congrats! That is really exciting!

MJ said...

YAYAY!!!! that's WONDERFUL & I'm sure you didn't forget too many shots or mis-measure much (besides that's the joy of OB ... it really is sooo subjective!)

Anonymous said...

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