Monday, August 31, 2009

A glimmer of black or white at work

Most days, my job is the epitomy of gray.. I rarely love it, it's just there to pay the bills. In other words, it's not the epitomy of what I "dreamed" of doing when I grew up - right......
Today however, for one fleeting moment, I stepped outside of that little gray box. My boss says to one of the other execs while I was present, "she's on top of it. I knew she was". And I was! And it felt good....For a split second, I stood taller and I loved my job.
& I smiled a little on the inside.

for all the unanswered questions...

I'm 33 and I'm single. I have a 14 year old son. EVERY day of my life, in every aspect, is full of unanswered questions.....
this blog will portray my open arms to the world of unanswered questions that leave us sitting in the "gray"

By gray - I don't mean depressed. By gray I mean, all those questions or decision making moments you come to in your life when you just don't really know where you stand. In dating, in school, in your child's life or your parents life or whatever cross road you might come to.

Please feel free to chime in and share your "gray" stories OR your advice on how to get out of the gray! :)
I will have TONS of old and new stories to share .... as my life literally is "EVERY day in gray"

Black or white
yes or no
wrong or right....
we all just crave one or the other...the in between is what leaves us all so confused!

stay tuned :)