Thursday, November 14, 2013

Star struck... bench shirts... and giving back!

Powerlifters are awesome!!! (In case you missed the memo!)

Out of the millions of reasons that I enjoy powerlifting,
is what really defines the sport as AWESOME!!!

I just might have one of the most heart warming stories ever.   For me anyway...
Like seriously....
I might have cried.  Well - OK - I DID cry.  (shocking I know!)

~Shut the front door... Powerlifters don't cry!!~

So weeks ago, Brad and I had tossed around ideas about me getting a bench shirt.
(for non-powerlifting nerds, google "bench shirt". 
"A bench shirt is a stiff supportive shirt, used to improve performance in the bench press, most often in powerlifting competitions.")  
I've never used gear... of any kind... other than a bottom of the line hand me down squat suit in the gym for some overloading.  Never on bench.
But after some browsing around on several sites, Brad came across this BRIGHT PINK SUPER KATANA bench shirt!!!  Sooooo me!!!  Bad-ass and PINK!!!
For those that don't know - the Super Katana multi-ply shirt is a BEAST of a shirt and runs quite expensive.  Being that I have never benched in a shirt, it's not one I would run out and buy first thing.
BUT the one for sale on eBay was well under the face value of one of those shirts!

So I bid on it.

And won.

And after the auction I got an email from the seller.
(here's where the story gets good!)

The POWERLIFTING girl that emailed me has worn this shirt in competitions and has benched a max of 360!!  I was immediately kinda star struck.  And googled her of course.
Her name is Anastassia Tressler
(feel free to google her also!)
Anyway - she sent a very sweet email about the shirt to which I replied that I hoped it would fit and that I had never worn gear before and was so excited to try it out.  (I also confessed to YouTube stalking her!  ha)
*God bless the Internet*
She replied in another super sweet email and wished me luck on my bench.

Now THIS is where the story gets REAL good!

Today I came home from work to a package!  I was so excited to open it and try it on!
When I opened the package, I pulled out this cute little yellow envelope with my name on it.

An invoice? A card? A "nice doing business with you" note maybe/??
Then I pull out that beautiful BRIGHT pink shirt.
But wait........
There was something else in the package.
I pull out yet ANOTHER bench shirt.  A black one.

Wait..... WHAT?!
I was confused.

So I opened that pretty yellow envelope.
It was a hand written thank you note from Ms. Anastassia.
But it wasn't just any thank you note.
I don't want to type it word for word because I don't want to take away the precious thought behind it OR impose on Ms. Tressler.
But I will give you the gist.

She said that she hopes I LOVE the shirt and that she has also included her VERY FIRST BENCH SHIRT!!  What?!!  It is a single-ply shirt which she advised me to start in before putting on that pretty pink beast!  She went on to say that she had been given so much as a powerlifter and now it's her turn!  *tear*  Seriously!!!!!!!
I mean are there ANY better people out there than powerlifters????

I don't know if you understand what I'm saying here......
Please allow me to re-cap!

I bought a VERY EXPENSIVE AWESOME multi-ply Super Katana bench shirt on eBay for much less than what it's worth.  It was worn by a chick who is a geared powerlifting bad-ass!  She sold it to me and then threw in another shirt, a single ply Katana to start out in.  Which is thoughtful in itself, being that THAT shirt is also a bad-ass shirt and still costs more than what I paid for the other shirt!  But please don't leave out the fact that this is HER OWN PERSONAL VERY FIRST BENCH SHIRT!!!!!!!  *tear*
And then there's the note.  The sweet inspiring motivating note...... telling me to keep in touch and she's expecting big numbers from me!

I'm in awe.
That is all.

Powerlifters are freaking BEASTS and freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some BIG numbers to live up to!
Can't WAIT to get in the gym tomorrow night........ for my "shoulders" night!  uh hemmm 
maybe not!  ;-)

*sidenote*  I hope she doesn't ask for said shirts back when she realizes what MY raw bench is now!!!  (eeeeek!)   I've got a long way to go and a lot of work to put in!!!!