Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Circle, Star, Rectangle.... THE CUBE!!!

Remember my blog just a few short days ago....
pre - Berea
pre - mock meet
pre - pushing myself to the EDGE!

Remember how weak I thought I felt!!

Then insert Sunday night.
April 28, 2013!!
And a big fat slap in the face and reminder of just how STRONG I'm getting!!
I am still NOwhere near the level of a lot of girls - But I'm better than I was and THAT is what counts!!  And considering that I have been lifting for less than a year - I could not BE any happier than where I am right now and the drive and motivation and potential I have to get even stronger!!!

I.  Feel.  GOOD!

And The Cube.... ahhhhhhhhh The Cube.
It is brutal!! 
As if I didn't already believe in the Cube Method to start with... the training and it's mixture of strength and body building exercises - but the part I believe FIRMLY in - is the mock meet in 10 weeks.

It's just "practice" - It doesn't count because it's not on a platform right??
Here's my opinion!! (yes - I realize everyone has one...)
For 10 weeks we have beaten ourselves to death!!  Towards the end of the 3rd cycle, even though I knew I had to be stronger (because on Cube you have no choice BUT to get stronger!), I still felt beaten up and weak. 
I think I had some milestones in training along the way - but it was just small things in the gym.   Yes - it was progress... but spread out over 10 weeks its harder to correlate that into real gains.
(or maybe that is just the case in MY head!)

SO - in my opinion - the mock meet at the 10 week mark is the BEST part of this program!!!
It may not be a certified competition - but it sure as HECK should be treated like one.
WHY?  Because THIS is what we work for?  This is why we train.
We don't train for "ego" in the gym... we train to compete.  We train to get better.
We train to CRUSH FACES on the platform.
So by all means, even if you aren't doing a MEET at your 10 week mark, test yourself and TREAT it like a meet... with the same intensity and drive!!!
How else do you know where you stand?

Here is how mine went.

We had previously done a meet in February... my numbers at that meet were as follows:

Squat - 145 (which was already a good PR for me considering when I began lifting the squat was my biggest nemesis.  It took me some time to get comfortable with just squatting with a bar on my back, much less adding weight to it!)
Bench - 90 (this was a 5 pound PR for me... and more evidence that my bench just wasn't moving along like it should - it is/was my definite weak spot)
Deadlift - 225 (deadlift was my favorite lift at this point - I had worked really hard to get here... but I seem to have plateaued here at the 220/225 range)

So I totaled 460 at this meet.  I was shooting for 450 so I was very happy with what I walked away with.

Going into my mock meet after The Cube I was shooting for a 500 total!
But even MORE than that, I wanted to bench 100 so bad I could taste it!!  I have worked and worked and worked and tried and failed at 100 numerous times - so at this point - it was really just taunting me!!

Here are my numbers:

Squat - first attempt 150 (this is already a 5# PR), 2nd attempt 170 (gravy!), final attempt 185 (NAILED it and it was exactly where I was hoping my final lift would be!)

Bench - first attempt 85 (easy opener and I definitely needed the confidence builder here!), 2nd attempt 100 (I was told it 95)  **Also - add into my bench lifts, I happened to be sitting in front of Brandon Lilly. *smile*  He had me change up my stuff a bit and put some leg drive in... which clearly I had been lacking!**  With the changes in form and being PUSHED my Lilly and my guys.... I freaking CRUSHED 100!!!  I seriously thought I was going to cry  (HEY - I AM still a girl..... I'm sensitive!  LOL)   But I wasn't done yet.  They loaded the bar with 105...  I laid back, took in a big breath and Pete Rubished (aka grinded)  my way through 105 too!!!
THIS my friends is WHY I lift and WHAT I live for!!!
Crossing those barriers... doing things my body thought I couldn't do!!  Making gains and proving to myself that I can do just about anything I set my mind to and work towards!!!
((Again..... I could cry.  I have watched that 105 video so many times it's a wonder youtube hasn't crashed.  It amazes me and brings tears to my eyes EVERY dang time!!))
To you it may just be 105 pounds... but to me - it's EVERYTHING!!!!!

Deadlift - first attempt 210 (THIS gave me the 500 total that I was working for!! The rest is just GRAVY!)  Killed it!!!  2nd attempt 230 (this is a 5# PR and it still went up pretty good)  3rd attempt 245 (this has me REAL close to my goal for the YEAR on deadlift of 250!  That will need to be changed!  I failed at 245 but watching the video, I think I just gave up.... I was soooo dang close so I already KNOW I got that 245 next go around!!!

Overall - I went 8/9 on my mock meet AND I totaled 520 which puts me 20 pounds over what my goal was going into this "practice meet"...  AND 60 pounds over what I did just 2.5 months ago!

Bring on June 15th - I'm going to crush FACES!!!!

I love The Cube (cause it's insane!)
I love Brandon Lilly (for writing, coaching, and for his ETHIC!)
I love my guys (for all their support and encouragement)
AND MY guy in particular (for getting me started and believing in me!)
I love lifting
I love watching and feeling my body get stronger!

I wouldn't trade my sport or this day of lifting for anything in the world right now!

What are you doing in YOUR spare time?!!

Here's my 105 grinded out bench - and my 245 deadlift that SOOOOOO should have come up!!!!
The rest of my videos are on youtube if you want to see them all.    Tammy Green channel.

Monday, April 29, 2013

~My weekend was PRICELESS~

Gas for miles traveled... $100
Alternator and various tools... $218
Snacks and Steak and Shake $35
Me and ALL the guys hitting PR's with Brandon Lilly.....

Monday morning has rolled again once again... I know how everyone dreads them so please allow me to share my weekend with you...
please allow me to share my HIGH!!!!!
It's a BIT long winded - but stick with me..... a lot happened and the humor is well worth it!  HA!!
I thought I was going to DIE!!!
MULTIPLE times!!!
It was yet ANOTHER great adventure.... it's what I live for man!!
(and quite frankly the adrenaline from it is the only thing keeping me alive and awake today!!)

Background:   Remember my story a few weeks ago regarding my battery going dead... at a MAJOR intersection in town??  Well - it did.  Truck just died. Right there at the red light.  I was the first person at the light in the turning lane, imagine how happy everyone behind me was!!!  But alas... long story short - the problem was fixed, entailing a new battery and having my alternator checked FOUR times... at THREE different locations!!!!  I was told the alternator was good and I just needed a new battery.  DONE.  
Good to go.

Now - fast forward to yesterday.  

My battery light has been randomly shining that pretty little red color at me since then.  BUT - in my defense, I do think there is some sort of electrical short in my vehicle because it randomly blinks various lights anyway.  So I didn't put much stock into it.  Well - we had this trip to Berea planned already and Brad suggested we drive something else...... ya know, just in case.  
To be safe.
Me - however - I'm all.... oh I like to drive my own vehicle (I don't ride well with others... car sick!) And I'm all like.... it's fine I'm sure.  It's probably just randomly blinking!
I'm SURE we will be fine!!!!!
{{famous last words}}

So off we went yesterday - to have a day we had ALL been looking forward to soooooo much!!  We were off to Berea to train with Brandon Lilly.  You see.... we have been running "The Cube" training program for the past 10 weeks.  After 10 weeks, you do a "mock meet" and test your maxes for squat, bench AND deadlift.  Being that Brandon wrote this program, we were HONORED to be able to drive to Berea and spend the evening with him letting BRANDON HIMSELF judge our progress!!!
I mean - it doesn't GET much better than that..... although ... me... Ms."hates to be in front of crowds" was a freaking NERVOUS WRECK just pulling out of the driveway!!!  That's with 200 miles and approx 3 hours separating me and Lilly!!!
Nevertheless..... nerves aside.... we headed out.

About 50 miles into our trip........
yes yes yes.... I'm certain that you guessed.....

That pretty little RED battery light popped up on my dash.
No worries - I'm SURE it's just the electrical short... (at least that's how I tried to explain myself out of it!)
But... NO - the volts dropped on the battery gauge and I knew I was in trouble.
We journeyed on and just prayed... I could hit the gas and rev up the RPM's and the light would go off - but as soon as I let out of the gas... on came the light again.
Brad immediately knew my alternator had gone out.
Basically the only thing powering us was my poor little brand new battery.
But we pushed on - and thankfully - the ol' Trailblazer hung in there.

Once we got close to the training location - we pulled into an Advanced Auto and made the purchase.  A new alternator and tools to change it.  (thank goodness I was with FOUR GUYS!!)
And back on the road.  After all - we had weights to lift.

Once we arrived - the alternator was put on the back burner while everyone prepared to set PR's  in front of one of the biggest icons in powerlifting!!!  NO PRESSURE
I was a BALL OF NERVES!!!  ~that's putting it lightly~
Once we got going, and the adrenaline got rushing, and I stopped being STAR STRUCK... I could NOT have asked for a BETTER night OR a better training session!!
Here are my numbers
Squat - 185 (that's a 45 pound PR!)
Bench - 105 (that's a 10 pound PR and  HUGE mental block overcome!!)
Deadlift - 230 (that's a 5 pound PR - I attempted 245 and ALMOST had it... I gave up too soon!!)
So I totaled a 60 pound PR total!!!
I could NOT have been any happier!!
{{I have a blog to come with more details about the actual TRAINING and lifting!!  I have BIG NEWS!!}}

After all was said and done, we ALL hit PR's and all that HARD WORK on The Cube was evident and has clearly paid off!!

Then we packed up to head home... and we remembered... my poor truck sitting by the wayside.

~Let the adventure continue~

We were starving and decided to try to get to a restaurant and hopefully use the light in the parking lot to do our mechanic work.  So we set out..... in the night.... no idea where we are.   Brad searches for a nearby food joint as I navigate noticing the further we drive the lower my volts are getting and the less headlight I have to see!!  We are on a road in the middle of nowhere.  All I could picture was breaking down on the side of the road with NO lights and zombies stumbling up from behind the trees!  (I watch WAY too much TV!)   Or... for all you old folks out there...... it was like a scene from "Unsolved Mysteries".  Seriously... like we could have just disappeared!
Thankfully - we made up to the main road where our directions were telling us to get back on I-75.  Seriously.... with no battery?  On the INTERSTATE!??  As I'm freaking and Brad and I are trying to decide what to do......
ALL the gauges drop and power steering is GONE.  Headlights are out and we are DONE.  Somehow the engine is still going but just enough to get me to the side of the road close to the interstate ramp and just under a street lamp!

Here is where I am thankful for my boys!  They all hopped out and ripped that alternator right out and replaced it with the new one!  And remember we were all writhing in pain here having JUST lifted our guts out.  Plus we were lucky enough for it to be raining!!  (though it was just a drizzle and could have been WAY worse!)  But they were all so willing to jump in there and get me going again.  One more sign of what a great group of guys I work out with.  And please don't let me fail to mention that JOE DIRT stopped to check on us... from the junk yard!  He rolled up in his little 1987 truck with the whirly orange lights on top.  Don't worry - he's getting a light bar to replace those whirlies soon... probably from the junkyard.  He was full of helpful advice and tips - after all, "he doesn't work at the junk yard for nuthin!"  Bless his little heart for stopping though... he was a sweet little man and he didn't have to stop.  He was the epitome of country backwoods, but very sweet and thoughtful of him AND his belt buckle to make sure we were all ok.
And also - if anyone out there is looking for a job - they are looking for some diesel repairman at the junk yard he works at.  "Pays EIGHT BUCKS an hour!!"   Might wanna look into that!!
Wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Once we were back in business, we headed on to Steak and Shake to get our GRUB on and compare photos and videos from the awesome night we had just experienced.  Then we began heading back home around the midnight hour!!
I love that Monday is my early morning and at midnight I was approximately 3 hours away from home living on PURE ADRENALINE!!

Last night will BY FAR go down as one of my favorite nights ever!!
The Monday after... no so much!!  ha
Actually - it's really not THAT bad....
I think I'm still living off the high...

Until I get off work this afternoon and lay my head down on a pillow.
It's OVER.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The POWERlifting SUPER BOWL!!!!

I went ahead and posted another blog that I had started writing earlier in the week and never posted. What?! It was a crazy busy week!!
But I just re-read it and the sense of aggravation and bi-polarness in the blog is pretty accurate. So I went ahead and posted it - mostly for a base... of what I'm working from today.  If you missed the other one, HERE is pretty much my sentiment for this past week. 

So anyway - coming from there...


In a few short hours, we will head up to Berea to work out with one of our favorite power lifters!!  I'm so excited to spend the day/evening with my guys and with Mr. Brandon Lilly
And contrary to the crappy aggravating emotional week I had - I really am excited!!

Today truly is a test.  This training program that we have been running, "The Cube", has been brutal but fun.  It was a good mix up from what we were doing before, and let's be honest... with the new added exercises, there is just no way that we CAN'T be stronger!!!
And we are!
All of us.
And we KNOW that we are before we go in today - but it doesn't make it ANY less nerve racking!!!

so I AM looking forward to today... I'm looking forward to pushing myself and testing myself to put actual numbers to what gains I have made.  But at the same time, I'm also a little bit nervous!!!  :)
Let me put it to you like this...

Say you play an instrument... and you've practiced and practiced for an upcoming recital... or dance... say you dance... and today is the big day.  Your audition for Julliard!!!  You know you've practiced plenty and you know in your heart that you are better today than you were when you started.
Or you play sports?  And you've gone to practice and you've worked out and you feel good about what you have done... and today is the big day.  Your try out for the major league!!!

Well that is what we are doing today essentially... We are auditioning in front of Brandon Lilly!!!  Not FOR anything other than his critiques and betterment of our own lifting.   Nothing is on the line.  We must check the ego at the door before we enter... and truly put our full selves on the line.  We will lift to display our own progress while Brandon watches and judges that it is either a good or bad lift - and gives us feedback as to what we can do to be better.  And stronger!!

And while I'm sooooo excited to spend the day with him... and so thankful for the opportunity for someone of his magnitude to watch my lifts and give me helpful advice..... while I'm thankful and excited and can't wait - I have never been so nervous in my life!!!!!!!
ha ha
(well I'm sure I have, but today, where I sit - I can't remember feeling more nervous!!!)

the week I've had is put in a box. 
And over

Today is about one thing and one thing ONLY!

 My lifts.


Here we come Brandon - READY OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Overflowing my week...

I'm overflowing this week. And honestly, a bit overwhelmed!!
In fact... I feel somewhat bi-polar!!!

Do you ever have those days?  or those WEEKS??!!

I'm less than a week from our mock meet. It's not a legit federation meet. Mostly it's just to see what gains we've made from training with Brandon Lilly's "The Cube".
But in my mind.... It's legit. It's in front of Brandon Lilly himself for goodness sake!! How much more legit can you get?!!
It's a true test of strength.
And I'm a nervous wreck!!!

I've worked hard the past 10 weeks so I'm determined that I have gotten stronger. But for some reason, I'm not feeling very strong right now.
I'm nervous.
I'm unsteady
I'm unsure
Maybe physically strong, but oddly emotionally and mentally weak.

Then I weighed myself - and although I know you aren't supposed to "go by the numbers" - I know I weigh more now than ever.  And yeah yeah yeah... muscle weighs more than fat - but shouldn't I SEE some difference in my "fat"??
I'm not where I should be. And that's MY own fault only
Which makes me feel even weaker.

Add on top of that (my CRAP attitude) my attending freshman orientation for COLLEGE with my baby boy this week. I'm overJOYED for him. I'm proud. I'm excited. I'm happy...
But I'm also nervous
And a little bit broken :-/
You see it's been me and Z man for a long time.
He's my world. I raised him and watched him grow into such a fine young man.
He IS my pride and joy.
He is THE thing I have to show for my life!!
The one good thing I can be proud of.
The thing that through all of my bumps and bruises and mistakes growing up - that I have to show - that I did RIGHT!  :)

And in a few short months, he will open a new chapter in ha life... without me

Please don't get me wrong. I know he will still be in town and still my baby boy and I understand that this is how life works...
But it's truly kicking him out of the nest to watch him fly!!!
OR fall on his face.... which I did.... MANY times...

OH the horror!!!!

Anyway - I'm just kinda all over the place.


I am TRULY feeling BI-POLAR!!!!
(so watch out..... there's your warning)

You know that restaraunt - Lamberts I think it's called.  **correction - Dick's Last Resort**
Where the wait stuff talks to you like an idiot the entire time.

I want to try that in my work place.... that's the mood I'm in!!!

Today - I have aNOTHER patient that I almost came unglued upon!
here's the story....

ME:  "I'm going to step out the room, I need you to undress from the WAIST DOWN.  Here is a sheet to cover up with and then just have a seat on the bed"
PATIENT:  a few seconds later.... peeking head out the door "Do I need to take my bra off?"
ME:  "No."   (in my head - what I wanted to say was.... "I don't know... where to YOU wear YOUR bra because mine is NOT below my waist?")

Do you think that would be considered good patient care???  :)

Welcome to my overwhelmed overjoyed underinflated bi-polar world!

Bring on the week!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The time has come.. to bury the dead

What do I fear?
I fear stagnation and lack of progress.
I fear never reaching my potential and being average.
I fear being forgotten... The past... Yesterday's news.
I fear giving up and being passed by, going softly into the night.
I fear letting those I love down, or letting myself down.
I fear settling, giving in to the "that's just the way it is" mindset.
I fear dying without leaving my mark.
I fear not feeling these fears anymore and just floating along.

These fears feed me, they nourish my drive.

I love my fear.
It makes me FEARLESS!

The time has come...... to bury the dead  (Thanks ROB BAILEY)
It's MEET TIME!!!!

Last night was our last night of heavy lifting (we still have a body building night Friday) before our day of reckoning...  Our TEST of strength... our " mock" meet. With Lilly. On his turf. Under his jurisdiction.
The greatest test of strength I can imagine.

(and I'm a freaking NERVOUS wreck... Can you tell yet?!)

But how am I feeling about my lifts!?

Well... I feel GREAT about my squat! I have PR'ed in the gym since my last meet and I know I'm gonna blow the squat UP come meet time :))
I feel confident. And STRONG!!!
( and I'm glad it's our opening lift!! )
*my previous meet squat max was 145*

As you know, if you care or follow me AT ALL... It's my scariest lift to come. When I started lifting with the boys, bench was my favorite. It felt good. And natural. But for some reason, as all my other lifts have gotten stronger, my bench seems to have remained stagnant. And uncomfortable.
But thanks to Lilly and many people who are currently running The Cube, I have gotten some great advice. My bench HAS come up... as of today, only 5 pounds. Which IS STILL progress... so I shouldn't complain. Regardless, it IS my weakest link and meet or no meet, PR or no PR, if nothing else, I can at least say - I've learned lots on what to do to build my bench. I'm looking forward to building up my lats and upper back to finally smash a good PR on bench!!
 Kroc rows, lat training, bent over rows and band pull aparts... on the regular. BAM!!!
*my previous meet bench max was 90*

Where do I go with this one?! I don't even know?! I've progressed nicely from the beginning on dead lifts. I like this pull. It's strong. BUT I did experience somewhat of a back injury during this program, which took me completely OUT of heavy deads and then into lighter weight coming back. I did train legs hard while my back was an issue, so I'm just crossing my fingers on this lift that I have at least maintained my level of strength. I feel good about it..
*my previous meet deadlift max was 225*

On top of all the training and back injury, I have started going to the chiropractor!!! (Yay for Magna!!! Thx Dr Hawley and Nikki!!).
My back has never felt so good

So adding together all of the above, the GREAT training program (The Cube), expert advice from Brandon Lilly, great feedback and tips from a great group of people on The Cube Facebook page, a GREAT group of workout partners, support from the BF, my awesome chiropractic family, and all the drive and motivation one female can fit into a body, quite frankly, I don't know how I can fail!!!!!

We will do some body building exercises Friday night. One day next week I will get in my singlet (I retired the unitard! Though this "singlet" is not any less TIGHT!) and hit the gym one night to test my openers. Just to stay loose and help with my jitters!
I'm not an exhibitionist and being in front of people sets my nerves into a spinning whirlwind of tornadoes!!!!
I will meet up with Dr Hawley for one final adjustment and then it's just Hurry Up and wait!!!
Just talking about it already has my stomach in knots!!

I'm excited to lift.

I'm excited to meet Lilly (and crew?)

But mostly I'm excited to know what progress I have made so that I can set my next goals!!!!

.... they try 'n hold me back.... they try 'n hold me back.... they try 'n hold me BACK!!!  *Rob Bailey*

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's not about what you accomplish... it's about what you INSPIRE!

So when I started my blog years ago - I named it "Every Day in Gray" in honor of all the gray we are each faced with day in and day out. 
The scary "UNKNOWN"
The not really yes - but not really NO situations that you face daily.
The " I like you but I don't know if I want to be with you forever" decisions.
The "I got the job but I don't know if it's for me"
The "I know what I should do - but it doesn't match what I want to do"


I hate the gray.
or at least I did......
or I do....
some of it...
the indecisiveness.  the wavering.  the what ifs. 
Yes then No.  Up then Down.   I'm gonna change; no I'm NOT. 
I'm better today... then I'm not.

It drives me crazy!!!

Which is precisely why today I have been putting a lot of thought into my blog.

My every day in GRAY thought VOMIT!!!

And I feel like it's lost direction.
Maybe some meaning...
(and definitely some followers!)

Some days I write.
Some days I don't
Some days I WANT to write, but I'm not sure what to talk about...
Some days I just DON'T want to write.  At all.  (those are the days I probably NEED to the most!)

Anyway - as I'm thinking through my blog today, it struck me as quite ironic with the whole gray thing.

Years ago - when I started blogging, I had a direction.
And I worked and tried so hard to get followers... those faithful readers.
When I look at my number of followers on blogger today - it's the SAME exact number as it was years ago... when I lost track of where my blog was going.
But the number of people who comment is next to ZERO
Do people even read?  or care?!!
And why do I want so bad for them to?

So I wondered... if maybe I need a new direction
and a new following.
Some of my faithfuls still follow along and I'm so thankful for that
But I wonder if my lack of direction has led people to bore of reading my dribble.

So I thought about "The gray"
And it's direction...

And I realized where my direction has gone!!!!!!!

my new POSITIVE GRAY!  (no... not Christian Grey.... though that would be positive too!  HA)

I strive to motivate people.... to inspire people.... to give people hope
To BE that ray of sunshine.
I strive to be the one that you find when you are at the end of the your rope and you're falling off...
I strive to the be the KNOT that catches you and keeps you holding on and fighting to pull yourself back up.

It's what I was born for.
To drive
To inspire

For my son..... for my family...... for my friends..... for my patients... and for people whom I don't even KNOW!!!

So I'm wondering if I could start posting my workouts here.
My gym work outs... my LIFE work outs.... my goals... my diet... my inspiration.

Could I give people somewhere positive to go every morning to motivate them to do ONE thing positive that day?  Just one!!
For yourself?  For someone else...  

Because you see...... although I know there will always be haters out there who look at what I'm doing as ridiculous... (ESPECIALLY at my AGE!); I also know there will be people who WANT to be better and do more... whether it be in the gym or out??
And let me tell you - if I... me.... little "toothpick" Tammy can pick up a bar with weight on it and put it on my back and squat it to the floor and back up  --   let me just tell you -   YOU who follow along can do ANYTHING!
I am living proof!!!

My goal for my blog is to be MORE inspirational...
to inspire those who follow me
and to provide a positive inspirational environment that drives people to WANT to follow along every day and see what is new in MY GRAY little world.....
in the gym AND out!

What do you all think?
Do I close the blog up as a place that has run it's course?
or Push it to new levels of being inspirational and focusing more on fitness and pushing ourselves PAST our limits??!!


Cause it sucks to be inspirational.... to NO ONE.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't be afraid to be a LOSER.. and teach your kid to be one!

Why don't we teach our kids to lose?   to fail?  that life isn't fair?
I always worried when Z was growing up about how I was gonna pay the bills.  Don't we all!  But I didn't want HIM to worry; that's my job as the parent.... to worry.  So I tried to protect him from it.  And I would go without in order for him to have things so he didn't have to know how tough it was to make ends meet!
for what?
Because - and I give you this - we ALL agree that we don't want our kids to worry about stuff like that.  We want them to enjoy their childhood.  To "have it better than we had it"
but WHY??

Now I'm not saying go tell your kids a sob story to make them feel bad about themselves... I'm just saying be honest.  Teach them to WORK for things (I need to practice this too!).  Teach them the value of work and money and having things.  Teach them things don't ALWAYS come easy!

Was your life REALLY that tough?
I mean - growing up - maybe you thought it was... but seriously - it WASN'T!
I was blessed... and very lucky!  Though I would have NEVER told you that growing up.
I know now.

I have two brothers, both of which are very athletic and always played sports growing up.
One brother was always on the "winning" teams;  and the other was always on the "losing" teams
The one that was always on a winning team, doesn't lose well  (hard to imagine I know)
The one who participated in "losing" more, had a tough time growing up and dealing with it (he's sensitive!)... he got his feelings hurt, he got down, he got frustrated...
But on the flip side - when he won - OH he was so happy.  He learned to APPRECIATE winning.  And with time, he learned how to lose and how to use that to DRIVE himself to be better.
He learned that sometimes you have to WORK for things... they don't always come easy!
My other brother always expects to win.  He HAS to win.... God love him we (me and my siblings) are ALL very competitive - but let him lose at a board game or cards or whatever we might be doing - he is NOT a good "loser"  ;-)  {Love ya CG}
That doesn't make him a bad person - it's just that life handed him a different hand.
You live what you learn!

As parents, often times we do this with our children.  Not just in sports but with everything they experience growing up.
They do something wrong - we make excuses for them.... because you don't want your kid to get in trouble for something.  We worry that it looks bad on us as parents... rather than worrying about what we are teaching our children.
They don't do good in a game, and we pat them on the back and tell them they are the BEST even if they messed up.
Now - don't get me wrong here.... don't jump ship thinking I'm a HORRIBLE person and a TERRIBLE mom...  Don't judge!
I'm all about positive reinforcement.  I'm all about boosting ego and making children feel good about themselves and building self esteem.
But there is a line.
If your kid doesn't practice for the big game, or recital, or play or whatever it may be that they are involved in - don't make excuses for them.  They didn't put in the work.   Tell them so.
Otherwise, it teaches them that they don't have to TRY
That everything should just come easy
It teaches them to belittle people who DO work hard... it teaches them to play VICTIM!
It's NOT OK to NOT be prepared.
"I love you and you're very talented, but you didn't earn first place today."
One thing that drives me CRAZY is trophies!
Since when does every team get a trophy?!!
Things (not just sports) are set up to be a competition... for a reason.
There is a winner, and welcome to reality - there ARE losers!!!
(Loser is NOT a curse word... it simply means someone did better than you... in other words - WORK HARDER!)

It's preparation for life!

When you got your job - did you INTERVIEW for it?  Did others interview for it?
Someone WINS (gets the job) and someone LOSES (doesn't get the job)
Shouldn't we PREPARE our children for this?

There aren't consolation prizes in life!

Shouldn't we prepare them to lose?  So they know what to DO with that loss??

{{step down off of soap box}}

I know I got off on a bit of a rant there... but the whole sense of "entitlement" that children present themselves with these days is out of control.
Kids that sit on the couch and demand snacks to be delivered to them... kids that demand the newest video game that's out.... kids that REQUIRE the newest and best car at 16!

Is life really THAT easy?
Should we prepare them to believe that it is.

Life isn't fair
and you DO have to WORK for things you WANT in life.

Teach your kids that it's OK to LOSE.
And then teach them what to DO with that loss...
teach them to use that loss
to DRIVE them
to PUSH them harder...
to WORK harder....
to WANT more from life!!

Teach them to lose.   It's ok

I have recently started power lifting...
The only thing I wanted for my birthday (yesterday) was to be able to bench 100 pounds....
It's all I thought about yesterday.
I've trained
I mentally thought about it and did the lift it in my head all day
And I got to the gym last night.... and I made my attempt

I could let that crush my spirit and walk away defeated.  Frustrated.  MAD.
But I will instead (and have already) do some research... talk to people more experienced than me.... ask questions... figure out what else I can do to reach my goal.

I will use that FAILURE to catapult me to be even better.

It's ok to fail.... it's what you do with that failure that matters the MOST!

Here is my failure.   I shared it on a public forum to get advice and tips from those more experienced than me... and I have already, in less than 24 hours, taken this failure and turned it into a plan to BE BETTER.

BE a loser - and teach your kid to be one too!

To be a good loser, is to learn how to WIN.   
~Carl Sandburg~

Monday, April 1, 2013

Motivational Monday ~ I need some ~

So I had a BIG weekend!!!
LOTS of goals accomplished and I feel pretty good about it

But for some reason - It's ALL Monday around these parts.  My chipper usual sunshiny self is still sleeping at home in bed....... (with all the spring breakers!)

So I'm looking for a little motivation around here.....
In hopes of inspiring myself...
I thought I would start by sharing some good news...
LOTS actually!

First of all - I ran another 5K this weekend.  It's my second one EVER and the first one that I ran was 4 years ago!!  I didn't even train for this one.  My time 4 years ago was 36 minutes.   The one I ran this weekend was 32 minutes!!!  YAY!!!! I'm soooo proud.  And yes - I realize 32 minutes is not breaking any records.... but for me, an inexperienced runner and power lifter, I'm GREAT with a 32 minute 5K.   Plus it was a COLOR (fun) RUN.  I don't know if any of you run or care to, but it was a pretty cool experience and I will probably do it again.  Other than it being cold (I'm a weenie), and we had somewhat of a delayed start time (I'm impatient) - it was really fun - and proceeds went to a good cause!!
Thanks Teri for planning it and signing us up as a team.  And thanks Farrah for running it with me!!
Here are a couple of pics of me and one of my best friends before and after the race!!
BEFORE the race.....
And AFTER!!!

Second - even after running on Saturday, Sunday night was gym night.... heavy squats.   My hips were sore as CRAP from running the day before.  But I sucked up some pre-work out and headed out....
and I hit yet ANOTHER PR on squat!!  (Thank you CUBE!)
And I feel like I left a little in the tank so I can shoot for a BIG PR when I go to our "mock meet" with Brandon Lilly and crew!!!
I remember when I was struggling SO hard to squat plates.... now I sit at 160!!  (for NOW....)
Here's another video!!!

In other news.... if I haven't already told you all - one of my best friends is having her baby BOY OR GIRL in like 7 weeks!  *if she makes it that far*   I'm soooo excited!!!  And so happy for you Kevin and Mel!!  Can't wait to meet baby W!!

And another one of my besties is getting married...... in like 3 weeks!!!  Congrats to Farrah and Jeremy... this has been a long time coming!!  (it's about time GERMY!)

I mean - it's good news all around.

These are my "sex in the city" girls...... These are my "10/4", "Druggie David", "cougar", "spit dip out the window", "aquasocks", "I'm getting a divorce" MARTINI MADNESS girls!!!!
I don't know if you followed my blog WAY BACK...... but we've been through alot together...
It's funny how we used to be the BW's crew hanging out late nights watching basketball, catching up on local gossip, making fun of people....and boy watching...
NOW - we occasionally have a girls breakfast get together and/or shopping excursion and then we're ready for a nap!!  ha ha
Discussions now consist of savings and retirement and wedding and baby shower planning.
MY how things have changed.

I have another birthday just around the corner....

I am WAY too close to 40, but I have memories to share and blessings beyond measure for every one of those years!!

I know I get to celebrate it with the best friends, the best boyfriend, the best family and the BEST son a girl could ever ask for.

Mopey Monday is over....

Have a great week everyone.
When you're feeling down - remember to count your blessings!