Saturday, October 31, 2009

5K equals way too much time to think today!

There are soooooooo many things I want to share with you all today!
GOSH - I haven't been on to really blog for like a day now and I feel like I'm about to bust...
I have SO many blogs started that I want to talk about today - but instead - because I can't choose which ONE I want to put all my focus into.....I'm just gonna do the usual.....UNLOAD RANDOMLY on you all!  LOL
(thanks for listening - big smile!)

First of all......I completed my first 5K today!!!!!  whoooooo hooooo YAY!!!!  This is something I never thought I would ever ever be able to do or want to do.  But I did and my time was like 36 minutes or so (won't know exact time until tomorrow)  which is not to shabby for my FIRST race ever AND considering I really just started even exercising not even 5 months ago!  Anyway - WOW what a freaking rush and what a freaking feeling.  It was amazing...  (see, I have a blog started about the race, but I can't focus on one thing today)  So after the race, while doing some riding around today, I got to thinking about ALOT (thus the need to unload)

Ok - so I started this blog in order to turn over a new leaf in my life and learn to appreciate "the life I never expected".  Today I had one of those moments.  During the race & continuing after the race, I got to thinking about my life, where I am and how in the world I ended up here.
Hello - I ran a 5K.  Who would have ever thought?!?!  How did I get here?  I want to first of all thank my friend Denise =)   She is my friend/aunt/sister/mom/everything all rolled into one.  Months ago, she decided to start going to the gym and recommended I join her.  I eventually did and look how far we have come.  My friend Denise ALSO ran the 5K was kinda on her bucket list  =)   Amazing!

This one little thankful thought to my girl Denise sent me spiraling out of control...LOL
Now I have spent hours today thinking about all the people in my life.  I don't have the time or energy to sit and type about each of them individually - nor do you all want to know THAT much about me OR my insane family and friends!  haha
So instead......I wanted to spread my joy that came from my thoughts today!

I have come so far in my life.....and alot of times (way more than I should) I talk about how strong I am and how I'm a single mom and I do EVERYTHING all by myself.
This is SUCH a lie.  I mean - physically yes it appears that way - right?!?!   But let me just say - without all of the love and support that I receive from my family and friends - I could never do and acheive the things I have accomplished in my life.
For some people who don't know me - I mean the REAL me, on the outside looking in, they see me.....stable, accomplished, successful, driven, relentless, etc.

But let me tell you this - all of those things and more would never be possible without the people in my life and so many times I forget to take the time to say thank you and really really appreciate how lucky I am.  but don't mistake me as that girl who has it all together and who has had life handed to me on a silver spoon!  SURE I want everyone to see that on that outside - we all do......and yes - that may be the image I portray to those people I meet on this crazy journey we call life.  But make no mistake, I'm a crazy, spontaneous, hangin by a thread train-wreck some (most) days.  And if it weren't for all the great people God has put in my life - I don't know what I would do OR where I would have ended up.
Sometimes we try to control our lives way too much and we worry that we can never do enough or we get down on ourselves for not being where we thought we would be.  A very good friend of mine recently reminded me "Tammy, NO ONE is where they thought they would be when they thought they would be there, and if they tell you that they are - they are lying!"  He's so right.  I'm soooooo not where I thought I should be at age 33 - I mean NO WHERE - not in any aspect.  BUT - thing is, I'm right where God WANTS me to be and today I took the time to thank HIM for bringing me through everything I have been through and giving me the shoulders of my friends and family to get me here.  What would I do without them?!
I ran a 5K for God's sake!
Who knew the power of living and loving the life you never expected.
Let go of the reigns and let God guide you!  and when you finally let go, sit back and be so thankful for all you have come through and all the things you HAVE accomplished, even though they aren't the things that are on your list.....a 5K was never on mine & I could name lots more that weren't, but that doesn't make me any less thankful for them!

In conclusion - for ALL of you out there who have been a part of my life - THANK YOU for being you!  Thank you for listening and giving advice & allowing me to be a part of your life too!
(my new blogger buddies - you guys have been a bigger part of my life and thoughts than you may ever know...your encouragement and prayers and random emails are a very unexpected new road in my life!!  And again - for that I am so thankful!)

Sorry if I've been a bit rambly today - it's been a crazy emotional weekend and though I was at a loss for words in my last blog - I seem to be overflowing with them today!  hee hee

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - I'm off to get ready  =)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Today - I'm just sayin it with music!

I have ABSOLUTELY fallen in love with Lady Antebellum.... and today - I am all out of words, so I'm letting them speak for me  =)
I hope the song touches you in some way today.  ENJOY!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I want Thursday...optimism!

In typical Thursday fashion - I'm copying this idea from SASS.  Feel free to leave your want list at the bottom, stop by and see the list of Sass, or add that cute little button on your blog and make a fun little list of your own!!!!!!!!!
Here's mine!!

1.  I want to not care about people.  I want people to be able to come in and out of my life without stepping on me and breaking me and making me take them into my heart & and love them like I have known them forever.
2.  I want my tears to dry up and never return.  I want to be able to watch a stupid chick flick about love and relationships and NOT cry and be sad because I'm alone.  I'm sick of crying - it's on my nerves!!
3.  I want to not be hurt.  I need to stop trusting in people that really don't care who they hurt along their path through life.  Stupid, selfish, insensitive people!
4.  I want to stop holding people up to standards that apparently the human race just doesn't measure up to anymore. 
5.  I want to have no expectations.  Because expectations lead to disappointment.
6.  I simply don't want to care anymore.

sometimes I think with these items checked off my list, my life would be so much easier.
But I wouldn't be me anymore
and THAT would make me sadder than any of the items listed above.

SO - today - the ONLY thing I want Thursday is to NEVER stop being ME and NEVER lose my eternal matter how many times I'm stepped on or my heart is broken or I'm let down or disappointed - I never ever ever want to stop being me.  (I don't want to become bitter... and sometimes, that takes a conscious effort!)  I love people and I will forever see the best in everyone.  It is YOUR choice whether you want to live up to your true potential or not  =)

Here's the song for the day.......I love this song and someone recently told me about Adele's version.  I just LOVE the raw vulnerability in her voice.  It's so real.......

Miss FRP - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!  WE are gonna make it through this & someday........  I promise - we WILL look back on things and be glad they didn't turn out the way we "thought" they should!   mwahhhhhhhhhh 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

to all my blogger buddies - prayers please.....

Please send thoughts and prayers out today to my girls and their families....

One of my very best friend's dad was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  He will undergo surgery today at Vanderbilt.  They will not know the extent of the cancer or treatment options until they get into the surgery.  Please keep her, her dad and her family in your thoughts today.

Also another of my best friend's papaw, whom she is very close to, had Hospice called in yesterday.  They have taken him off fluids and he can no longer swallow.  It is only a matter of time and this will be very hard for her entire family.  Please also keep her and her family in your thoughts.

I LOVE YOU girls!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

an HONEST kick in the butt!

Ok - has everyone seen the movie "He's just not that into you"??
It's a GREAT movie and it cracks me up because it puts a humorous spin on the fact that we as girls tend to sugar coat everything to each other and make excuses for why guys do the stupid things they do!
NO MORE in my circle of girls!
and honestly - I have always been a "tell it like it is" kind of girl.  (which is sometimes nice, but I have been known to be a bit harsh...not to my friends that know me and understand me, but if you don't - I can come across as a bit crass!)  Nooooo...... ..ME???  LOL  And my honesty sometimes drives my child insane - ha ha.  Don't ask if you don't wanna know!  But the good thing is - when one of my friends wants an honest to God opinion - they know they will get that from me!  =)
I love all my friends and to me - honesty is something you can't get just anywhere.  Honesty is a gift!  People underestimate the value of honesty so many times!  ESPECIALLY girls... we get our feelings hurt so easily!
Not me, I value that quality in my friends and last night I rediscovered just how valuable it is to have people in your life that you can trust for just that raw honesty!

Now - I loooooooove my girlfriends and we can sit and talk for HOURS about anything and everything... but sometimes - it's nice to turn to your guy friends for a male perspective  =)
Last night - I was doubly blessed  =)
I talked to a good guy friend who moved away some time ago.  Asked him a few questions to which he responded with true and genuine honesty.......whether it hurts or not - just tell it like it is!  THANK YOU for that!!
And THEN, I had a nice long chat with another guy friend whom I have not seen or talked to in years!  We talked about alot........what's happend in his life, what's going on in mine.  And thank you Lord for honesty!!!  Sure I had a little melt down (LOL) and he's probably now thinking "Thank God I haven't talked to her in years!"  ha ha   But seriously - I am so guilty of focusing on what I want from life and getting down on myself for not being where I want to be - that I forget.......we are HUMAN and EVERYONE has their own pile of crap they have to deal with!  I am soooo guilty of getting caught up in the "poor me" syndrome - and truth of the matter is:  we do that to ourselves.......FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!  So I just wanted to thank my friend last night for the reality check and putting my life and GOALS back into perspective  =)

Now - here's some irony to add to the story.......not to get too much on my religious soap box - BUT the sermon at church this week was about letting God control our lives.  So many times we get in our head what we want and when we want it and where we want to be.......and we convince ourselves that this must be "God's will."  Don't take the time to slow down and let go of the reigns and let HIM show us the ultimate goal.  We make our own and pretend it's God's.  Right?!!
I'll be the first to admit I have control issues....I have certain things I want to do and when it doesn't get done, I get mad at me!  When truth of the matter will happen in God's time.  And I have to learn to live that way!  and I do mean in EVERY aspect of my life!
Sure I will still pray for certain things......but the difference is - I will pray for God's will in each specific area.  And trust me too when I say there are lots of areas I need to let go of!  ;-)   What?!?!  I'm a busy lady and I have LOTS of irons in the fire!  ha ha
Now as IF this wasn't enough  - my friend just sent me an email that she received and "thought of me."  It is a bible verse........“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.”    (Ps. 37: 4-5).    HELLO - this was one of the verses from the sermon on Sunday
You think someone is trying to tell me something?!?!!!

I didn't get on to blog today to preach a sermon - but I did want to share with you the lessons I have been reminded of in the past few days....
You should value your friendships that give you complete and brutal honesty!  Thank God for those friends, they are in your life for a reason.  Sometimes there is nothing you need more than for a good friend to smack you in the face with reality - because all too often we get focused on something in particular and can't see the harsh reality right in front of us.
And in the same manner.... when we get blinded by life - and rely on the honesty of our friends, we should also take the time to let go and remember - God has a plan that is bigger than all of us! 
Here's my song of the day....What will be...will be
ENJOY!  =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

tonight I need some therapy - Thanks Rob!

When I have had a bad day or those I love are having a bad day, I usually find myself lost in music.  It just always provides the emotional release that I'm looking for.  This weekend consisted of highs and lows all around me... at times I was laughing so hard I could have peed myself  (yes - my friend looked at me at one point and actually spoke the words "my love fern is dead....just like my love"  LOL   I love her!  She was seriously speaking of her flower...and for those that didn't get that - it's from "how to lose a guy in 10 days" best movie ever!!!)  Anyway - I also had some GREAT quality girl time at the Waffle House (come on, who can't be happy at Waffle House)!  Point in case - several pots of coffee later, the shopping cart picture!!!!!!  she is sooooo gonna kick my butt for posting that!  I do so love my girls!

So although there were definitely those highs to speak of, we as a whole - had a pretty emotional weekend too.  There is so much going on with all of us right now that its almost exhausting sometimes.  And not just us, more like everyone around me...
I in turn find myself most of these times, in my truck, alone, just me and my radio (CD's of my choice actually) driving aimlessly in my own little private therapy session!
Now that I've had my girl time and my therapy time, I'm going to bed with Rob .... Rob Thomas that is!  he's in my CD player... LOL
I think he is so amazing.....and so under-recognized.  His voice is just so raw and pure and FULL of emotion. (and I'm kinda partial because I read an article about him some time ago that went on and on regarding what a great husband and father he is.....and these days, any man that respects marriage rates pretty high in my book!)  I wanted to share that with you and although I spent way too much time trying to settle on one song, I just could not get away from "My, my, my"   I could not find an original video of Rob singing it - which drives me crazy - so I'm posting a cover of the song by some random person.   You will get the jist of the song along with the lyrics below.
SUCH a pretty song and sentiment.
and sums up my weekend in three words........MY MY MY....   8-)

Oh and PS - why did a cop just drive by my house at 1AM with the spotlight on??? geeeeez!  That will help with the sleep tonight!!!!!  My, my, my.......

"My, My, My"

The light from the window is fading
You turn on the light
The sound from the avenue's calling you
Open your eyes

And when you find
You're spending your time
Wanting for words
But never speak
You tell yourself
That the things you need come slow
But inside you just don't know

My, my, my
Let your bright light shine
Let your words live on
Far beyond this life
Beyond this life

Hold on to anything
Everything's over and done
Has the fear taken over you
Tell me
Is that what you want
To make up your life

Time after time
You're falling behind
Hold on to me
Never leave
Forever be what you mean to me right now
Don't you feel better now

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Luvin the awards

I received an award this weekend that I just picked up!
I love her blog - please run over and check out Stephanie at Steph and the City
And thanks again Steph - I am honored!

So anyway - getting back to that I have gotten through my HELLUVA weekend I'm passing on my "Best Blog Award" to these three ladies that I MUST read every day......sometimes for a laugh (most of the time actually - ha ha) but sometimes just as a reminder that my life really IS normal......ha ha

So without further adieu.......
I award the "Best Blog Award" to.........

Lee over at Headaches, Hormones and Hot Flashes
OMG girl - you keep me in stitches!!!!!  I love love love reading your blog  =)

Leigh over at Leigh vs. Laundry
Everything you write is so dead on honest and insightful.....and REAL LIFE - and I LOVE that about you!
and funny....did I mention funny?!!!  ;-)

& finally....
Sassy over at Are you Sassified?
Insightful, honest, funny, REAL.......everything I look for in a good friend!  =)

In conclusion - I'm relatively new to the blogger world and I felt an instant connection to these three ladies immediately!  I'm so glad I found you and thank you thank you thank for making most of my days better than they would have been before you blogger girls came into my life   =)

Happy Monday and I wish you all a FABULOUS week!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

a lil' ranting today - STUPID STUPID boys!!!!

Effective immediately - I have NO...wait - very little faith in very few men
Some days I feel more optimistic than others..... today is not one of those days.
The whole dating thing just blows my mind sometimes and you are lucky enough today to get to listen to me whine (VENT) about it!  Lucky you!
One of my guy friends ALWAYS teases me about being a "man-hater" - but seriously guys - you do it to yourselves!  I don't wanna be a "man-hater"  ha ha
I just have a few questions......maybe I'm an idiot and I just don't understand......but - ok - answer me this:

1.  When a guys says "i'll call you later" OR "i'll call you back"- does that REALLY mean "heads up, I'm NOT gonna call" because that is what they do.  I can't, HATE when a guy says he will call and doesn't!  LIAR LIAR!!  That is not an oversight - it's a LIE!  Just don't SAY your gonna call if your such a moron that you think it might slip your mind!   And if you really have NO intention of calling - why even say it?!  because you WANT to reinforce what an A-hole you are??

2.  What about "i'll talk to ya later" - what is later in your book?  Because in my book later infers later on in the SAME day......but nope - apparently I'm wrong again.  Later might mean 4 days from now??  I never knew that!  Yes - technically 4 days from now is "later" - but it's just so NOT cool.  

3.  Please oh please explain to me how you tell someone you enjoy spending time with them and you would like to date - yes - actually USE the word date - and then you can go 4+ days without so much as a phone call/text/anything!  REALLY - gosh - I want to be loved like that!  That's EXACTLY what I think of when I think of the word dating........someone that I might see or hear from once a week!  YES!  Thank YOU!

* here's a hint guys.....we ARE adults here.  If you don't wanna call and you don't wanna date, try honesty on for size.  Tell us you just don't feel the chemistry.  It's ok.  We've been on dates where we don't feel it either....It. IS. ok!!!
* here's another point - we have all been at points in our life where we are just "too busy" to date or call or really show any interest or care at all about dating...  But - I'm gonna tell you a secret - when we girls DO meet someone that we feel that connection does NOT matter what is going on in life or "how busy" we are - we will MAKE THE TIME to see you.  Return the favor.  If you are truly interested, make the time.  just sayin... if we can do it - so can you.  & if you CANT make the time, you aren't as interested as you think you are.  Accept it, move on and don't say "i'll call you later"

4.  Don't even get me started on men and AFFAIRS!  It seems everywhere I turn these days - someone is talking about having an affair..... I realize an affair takes two - and I'm not just judging the guy in this situation (trust me - I have a WHOLE blog about the whole affair thing - but that's for another day)  today - I just want to specify the ONE guy that is "unhappily" married and telling ANOTHER girl that he loves her and wants to be with her!!??  Really?!!?!!!!!  YES!  "you're my soulmate... I could see being married to you someday!"  HELLO - you're ALREADY married!!!!!!  And I guess what gets me the most about this one is:  if you are really THAT unhappy in your marriage and you really LOVE this other girl - get a freaking divorce and walk away.  but NOPE......just string them both along.  yeah - that's the real MANLY thing to do! 
THAT gives me a LOT of faith in men AND marriage!  :-(  

5.  And finally - what about the guy that meets this girl that is just phenomenal.  He's crazy about her.  Maybe he tells her and maybe not - doesn't really matter - because he's just too damn scared or stubborn to do anything about it.  It's just frustrating.

My biggest question of all is - GIRLS - whyyyyyy do we put ourselves through this?
just in one of those moods today.

Song of the day....fitting.......Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy"
love him
love the song!

Sugar and Spice and everything nice

That's what little girls are made of!
Then please tell me WHY my girls came over tonight for dinner and a little Grey's Anatomy - but Grey's never got turned on.  Wanna guess why?
Because girls, when grouped together in a room with a laptop and a couple glasses of wine can be so freaking gross!!!!!!!!!
I don't know how it started, or what brought it up - but somehow we ended up on the laptop.....
watching.....are you ready for this......REALLY - are you?  I mean seriously.....  put your hand over your mouth right now and proceed.......
we spent the next HOUR - yes I'm totally serious - ONE FULL HOUR watching the nastiest thing ever.
It began as the world's biggest zit!  uh huh.......I said it...ZIT!  WE - me and my girlfriends watched what started as one nasty zit, turning into the prodding and poking and popping of zit after zit & cyst after cyst!!!!!!!!!!

This my lovelies is how I spent my Thursday night  - YUMMY.
I did have your best interest in mind by NOT posting the zit link to this post - blech!  BUT - if you feel froggy and you just can't stand it (gosh's like a train wreck, just can't help yourself) ..... go to and type in worlds biggest zit!  
you have been warned!  ;-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I want Thursday.....luv & happyness =)

I'm copying Sass over at the Life of Sass - I am making a list of the things I want for "Things I want Thursday"!  :)

Today, I want:

1. One of my BFF's to walk away and close the door to a path that she does not need to be on or think about anymore.  She fell in love with someone that is not worthy of her nor is he hers to have.  I wish your broken heart to mend and I wish you love from someone that is worthy!

2.  One of my BFF's to break ties.  "If that boy don't love you by now...."   You too my friend deserve so much more than that.  =)  I wish you strength and faith in yourself, don't give someone control over your emotions.  I wish you strength to walk away and let HIM figure out what he wants in life and faith to know if he does truly love you, he will be back!

3.  One of my BFF's to fall in love with everything she has.  She has met a new boy that she is crazy about, and he might just be crazy about her too.  She is usually very reluctant to open up and let someone in.  I want for her to jump off the cliff and take a never know when that right man will show up to catch you!

4.  For LOVE and be LOVED - & to be perfectly and completely happy in that  =)    YES - I do still believe in the fairy tale love  :)  *this will be on every list I ever make of things I want*

5. to find a Halloween costume.... actually TWO - one for work and one for going out!  ha ha   *and this is a subliminal message to my friend Kat - I NEED you Saturday night......good & evil girl!  ;-)

6.  to get into the Sonography program next fall........gonna start wishing and praying for that one now, every day & every night!!

Hmmmmmm - that's all I can think of today!  I'm pretty much in love with my life right now... just mostly want everyone around me to be happy too   =)   
So today what I want the MOST is:   luv and happyness to everyone!!

Here's my song for the day - I LOVE it!  :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's my favorite day AND I got an award!!!!

wooooo hooooooo!!!!
It's Wednesday, my FAVORITE day of the week!!  (for those of you who don't know that - hello!!!??  Where have you been?!?!) 
Sushi, Cougartown, UFC, & RELAX night!  :)
AND.... as if that wasn't enough already...I got my first award today!!
I won a caption contest posted by Leigh at Leigh vs. Laundry
I have posted my lovely "I'm FUNNY" award on my page proudly!
Check out my caption for the picture Leigh posted.
I know I have already posted this once with my tiara, but I HAD to show you my award too!  So I thought why not link you back to the blog one more time?!?!   ENJOY!  Winner winner chicken dinner

And also - in true Wednesday fashion - here is a preview for the episode of Cougartown tonight!  I love this show!  HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

bragging I'm slow....sue me!

 I am sooooo bad for JUST now giving a shout out to my girl Leigh over at Leigh vs. Laundry !
She is one of my FAVORITE blogs to read!!!  Great read every post!!

Anyway - she recently had a little contest to write a caption for a picture.  Everyone left their caption in the comment box and then she and her best friend picked the winner!
I WON!!!!!!!!  (see my crown....OK tiara....whatever.)
I never win anything so I get to pick what I win....or wear!  LOL
I'm sooooo excited!!!

Do yourself a favor and jump over and check out the picture and the caption!
I would like to give a shout out to my friend Kristin with whom I use the word "junk" with on a regular basis!
ha ha
Enjoy and check out Leigh's blog while your there!  She's GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

greenbean almondean cows and greener grass!

WOW I'm in a phenomenal mood today!
Thanks for part of my blog title to my friend Kristin (my new nickname - LOL)
yes - I'm secretly a dork!  HA HA
Green = my last name +  my new found love for Almonds!  ha ha  (I have a HUGE jar of them on my desk that I'm made fun of for daily!)
In fact - if I can figure out the signature thing - this may be my new sign-off!  GreenBean Almondean!
anway....."GREEN" will be a feature in the blog today  :)

Today I got an email from one of my dearest friends whom I don't get to see often enough!  We do keep in touch via email and facebook of course, but BTW Michelle - we need to do lunch soon! :)
Anyway - she was reading my blog about my bittersweet weekend and sent me the sweetest email. (which I'm of course pasting....right here) 
"I'm sure there are lots of people who look at you and wish they had your life. You have a college degree, working toward another one, have a healthy son who is very smart and athletic, have a house, an SUV, can come and go as you please, don't have to explain why you spent $$$ on a shopping trip, get to go to "little black dress" parties, the perfect Wednesday night, and the list goes on and on . . . :)"  
Did I mention I LOVE her?!?!  :)  And - can I TELL you how bad I needed someone to say that to me today?!?!  A nice little reminder of what I preach on the TITLE of my blog every day.......LOVE the life I never expected! 
Sometimes I get so down on myself for not being where I think I "should" be - that I miss all the things that have happened in my life so far and why I AM happy about where I am and how I freaking faught so hard to be here!!

So - in true (hidden) country girl spirit - I started thinking about the cows at my parents farm.  Of course we have ALL heard the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side".  With the cows... I have seen it.  I can't tell you how it cracks me up to be at the farm and watch these silly cows (and horses) stick their neck through barbed wire fence just to get a nibble of the grass on the other side!  HELLO - it's inches away from what they are already eating..... it is no different whatsoever!  SO what makes it so enticing for them?!!  The fence!  The fence marks where they are shut out, what they theoretically can't have... which makes them want it that much more.  Just like us silly little people sometimes!!!
Today my special friend reminded me that I have PLENTY of green grass in my life!!  oh how I needed that reminder today.  It's so easy to look from the outside at someone else's life and it all appears "green".   How many times are we guilty of this?!?!  For me personally - I can say alot!  And the thing is - it's not always as green for them as it looks to us.  Look inside your own pasture  :)  Make your own green!
And I'm not just talking material stuff........I'm pointing fingers right back at every aspect.  There are lots of things I wish for in my life that other people have.  And I'm guilty of some days thinking that "if only" I had "that" my life, it would be so much easier and I would be so much happier!

But guess what - TODAY - I looked over my life and I am SOOO thankful for all the blessings! I am sooo thankful for all my friends (and my new blogger buddies!!) that God has put into my life for a reason - and I truly truly believe that...each and EVERY one of you!  I am soo thankful for a GREAT family and a wonderful son (I forget WAY too often how lucky I am for that!)
To quote my friend Michelle again:
"No matter what, I am thankful for where God placed me and what He has given me. That's what matters most. "

The song I'm sharing with you today is a pretty new song "Fireflys" by Owl City - and it just makes me smile!  (not to mention it sticks with the country theme....ha ha pastures and cows and fireflys!)  The version of the song that I'm sharing with you is a MIX of the song made by a local DJ here in Bowling Green, KY- Thanks DJ Handlon!!!  LOVE IT!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The bittersweet of the weekend

This was the "little black dress" weekend!
A couple of friends and I went to Mai (Nashville, TN) this weekend for the party AND to see Cassie and Kaci Battaglia.  After finally FINDING the place, which is an adventure all in itself - although it wasn't exactly what I was expecting - we had a BLAST!!  =)   Both Cassie and Kaci sang 3 songs on a stage right on the dance floor!  It was WAY fun - they are both gorgeous and their back up dancers were phenomenal!
Anyway - the SWEETEST part about going out with the people watching.
Let me share the characters that we met!  LOL
The stripper girl.  She was first for the night.  When we arrived, we found a stand up table close to the dance floor and this is where we parked (great view and close to the stage).  Within 5 minutes of being there we were joined by a group of 4 girls.... containing.... the stripper girl!  She was ALL over the dance floor in her little black spandex dress up to her butt and half way down her boobs.. pulling stripper moves on any man that got within 5 feet of her!  LOL      If this girl doesn't work on a pole somewhere, she definitely missed her calling!!!!!!  One of her friends looked at us at one point and said "I'm married, I don't do this" and she was out the door!  :)
AKA Hugh Heffner.  OK - it wasn't the REAL Hugh, but I'm telling you, THIS dork was pretty sure that he and Hugh are one in the same!  I wish I had gotten a picture of him in his semi-circle booth, all laid back in the middle with his entourage around him....LOL.  He was dressed in all black with a white tie and of course, all his "ladies" were in little TINY black dresses.  They did grace the dance floor once or twice, but if a guy got close to one of the girls, the girls got edgey.  Mostly Hugh stayed perched in his booth though - for all to see HE was the pimp of the posse!  And the funny thing is, when girls would come in, we could TOTALLY pick out the ones that were heading up to join Hugh's clan!  Freaking hilarious.  Here's a sneak shot at Hugh, on the right side of the picture...

Robot Girl.  Girl...I realize that pop and lock might be acceptable at the techno club, but in the middle of strippers and Hugh's entourage dancing to Drake, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil' Wayne etc, it's just NOT cool  :(   Bless this little girls heart, she was givin it all she had all night long (good for her) but she stood out like a sore thumb.  Although - I will give her this, I'm SURE I could not shake my butt enough to throw my dress up over it...........she did!  YES I saw cheeks!  LOL  She was rockin girl....rockin!!!
(and this concludes the sweet part of the story)

Here's the bitter.
We have established that I'm 33 and single - right?!?!!!
Single as in - never married...
Well let me just tell you there is not much that sux worse than the day after going out with the girls.  I LOVE my girls, don't get me wrong!!!  I LOOOOOVE to spend time with them and it's ALWAYS a blast!  And I never ever want to NOT have that!  NEVER!!!  I love my girls and I NEED my girls - always!  The problem with it is - I'm 33 and single and the next've got a whole night of sweet little couples stuck in your head from the night before.  AND the fact that you came home alone.  (NOT that I'm trying to pick up boys in bars - don't mistake that) just that it's a perfect reminder the next day that you are still out there.  Still playing the field...still waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet... still waiting to come home to open arms waiting to hold you the rest of the night.
The next day is always sad.
So to end my sad little day of recovery - I joined back up with my friend and we watched Tyler Perry's "Why did I get married?"
it didn't help  :(

For all my married blogger friends out there - tonight - kiss your husband/wife EXTRA hard and be thankful that you have someone to hold you  =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Who says I can't???

I am a hard headed, strong willed, independent woman!
*I'm the girl that believes I can do ANYTHING!
*I'm the girl that if you tell me no, I'll do it twice just to spite you!
*I'm the girl that convinced my friend to pack a bag and jump in the car at 11:00 on Friday night and drive to the beach (8 hours away) for the weekend.
*I'm the girl that jumped out of a plane this past summer because you're NEVER too old
*I'm the girl that loves to sit home alone and watch scary movies JUST to see if I'm tough enough
*I'm the girl that says what's on my mind and sorry if that hurts your feelings
*I'm the girl that pushes myself to the limit in everything I do
*I am my own worst critic
*I believe that love DOES conquer all
*I am EVERYTHING that you would NEVER expect me to be

I heard this John Mayer song last night for the first time and I'm in love with it.
Yes the word "stoned" is used - please don't get hung up on that.... catch the meaning of the song instead.  Listen to the words and believe in it.

Happy Friday to everyone - I hope you enjoy my pick of music for the day  =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TMI Thursday - my ass...I mean aBs hurt!

Oh who am I kidding - they BOTH hurt!!!  (along with every other muscle in my body!)
AND I LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!  (who knew?!!!)

In newly (kinda) following the "TMI Thursday" tradition - I'm going to share some information that I can NOT believe I'm going to display to anyone and everyone who might stumble upon my page!  (oh Lord)  My mom is breaking out in cold sweats right now.......she thinks the internet is total invasion of privacy and God forbid we expose too much information to the ENTIRE world for fear that someone will hunt me down and kill me!  (insert blog about me leaving all the blinds in my house open day and night!)  LMAO
Anyway - back to the quandary at hand. 
This year - back at the end of May, I finally faced the fact that I might possibly be a little out of shape.  Not excessively mind you - because I was still in denial here...but at 33 I said to myself "well, maybe I better start working on fitness now so I don't get OUT of shape".  That was really my reasoning in going to the gym....Right?!?!!!  to PREVENT being out of shape?!?!!  (insert MORE denial here). 
Ok - so I take my butt into GET TONED FITNESS (in Bowling Green KY)  Upon entering I am told it's "personal" training.  David is with you every step of the way... making the workout routines and holding you accountable through the entire process (because as I was told, its's not a GYM, it's a PROCESS)  OK - I know my track record with gyms (AND the process) and I do realize that someone holding me accountable is worth any amount of $$$ - so I'm in.  We shoot a before picture and off I go on my workout regimen.  (still thinking I'm really not in THAT bad of shape....denial denial denial!)  I saw my before picture and it was bad, but still I'm thinking - hey I'm 33 and I've had a baby - I look ok considering... (nevermind that I had that child FOURTEEN years ago!  excuses...denial...excuses....denial... excuses..)  So I'm not THAT distraught with the picture (that I have ONLY seen on the teeny tiny camera screen).  THEN it gets put on the wall.  WOW - do I REALLY look that bad?!?!  Cause I look at myself every day and I never noticed that.... those THINGS hanging over the sides of my shorts.... my frumpy slumped over body... ok - my BOOBS hanging to my knee caps!  WHOOOOO is that girl?!?!!!!!!!!!!!  (that sports bra has LONG since been thrown in the trash can!!!)  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
yes - I'm posting the here.  (and doing 75 hail marys for forgiveness for sharing this....right now....)  OH LORD!

OK - now that I have exposed my frumpy slumped over saggy TMI picure of myself......
let's fast forward 4 months.
I have worked really really hard in those 4 months.  I have lost about 10 pounds, but MOST of all - I have lost INCHES and have totally re-shaped my body!  THIS is the important stuff....not just the numbers.
I look at my after picture and although I'm STILL working towards where I want to be - I can not BELIEVE the transformation in just 4 months.
My next goal is ABS by Christmas!!!  I have told David this and trust me - he's pushing me to that  =)

I know not all of my followers are in Bowling Green - so here's my words of wisdom for those that are:

If you are in Bowling Green (and your interested in transforming your body) - Check out GET TONED FITNESS studio.  David Nuckols is the owner/trainer and he's fantastic.   I know I'm not where I want to be yet - but I can not believe the difference already.  And the other thing is - I was NOT the gym girl before I started here.  I hated the thought of working out...  too many things I would miss by being at a stupid gym instead.  BOY was I wrong and I'll just tell you - once you start - it's TOTALLY addictive.  My body craves it when I miss days in a row... & one of the biggest differences is this gym is small and it's personal one on one training... you don't get lost in machines and people... I couldn't have done what I have done ANYWHERE else!!!

For those of you not in Bowling Green, I just wanted to share my far, and maybe just maybe motivate someone out there to think about where you wanna be and know it IS possible.  (you couldn't have told me that 4 months ago).  I'm a firm believer now in ALL the benefits of working out - not just what you can see, but all the differences inside that you can't see too.  I feel so much better today!  Not just physically, but also emotionally!

This concludes my TMI Thursday session - I hope I have not offended but have instead motivated with my TMI sharing of myself  ;-)
Have a GREAT Thursday and go for a run!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LOL *smiley face* :)

for those of you that don't get my title - my song of the day is attached.
Happy Wednesday!!!!  :)

*press play at your own risk - adult language included - smiley face :)*

For all my new followers - let me point out again that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week!  YAY!  (even though it's rainy and yucky outside.... makes no difference to me!)  It's the one day of the week (conveniently smack dab in the middle of the week) that I literally make myself sit down and relax.  The rest of my life is chaos - so my Wednesday routine is sometimes the only sanity in my life!
In a nutshell - Wednesday means AB day at the gym (which I have been forewarned is KILLER today!), also means Cougartown is on and UFC "Ultimate Fighter" is on & tonight it's FISH TACOS instead of sushi! LOVE me some Wednesday!

Here is a sneak peek of tonight's show!  HILARIOUS!!!!!!   (girls do NOT do this - ha ha haa haaa)

You can't take the country outta the girl!

....and apparently - it's passed on to the boy!

First a little background - I was raised a country girl... not necessarily on a farm, (although my parents do NOW have a farm) but there were lots of 4-wheelers, bikes, mud pies, many nights at the ball park and LOTS of boys...  I just never (ok rarely) hung out with the girls and played barbies!  I was much too much of a free spirit to sit inside and "pretend" with dolls!  I was way more into running around outside and getting dirty and not having a care in the world.  I didn't care what people thought or how I was "supposed" to act!  (that trait has lovingly stuck with me!)
When I got pregnant - I prayed for a boy....yes I did!  Oh - I prayed for a healthy child and 10 toes and 10 fingers, but secretly I prayed extra hard for a boy.  In fact, I only had a boy name picked out when I went to the hospital.  I just wasn't sure I could do the pink and the frills and all the things that come along with the girl.  I was way too much of a country tom boy - right!!!

Fast-forward to today.....I live in the city, I wear jeans that are WAY outside of my budget, I get my hair done, I get my nails done, I love sushi, I LOVE to shop....oh I could go on and on.....
BUT - here's the thing.....  this turned city girl - did NOT lose the "I live in the country", free spirit, tom boy "who cares" attitude!!!  My SON reminded me of that tonight!

Our house is in the city limits.  We have neighbors on both sides that I could reach out and touch....street lights, neighborhood watch (well kinda, thats more just nosey neightbors!), people walk and run in the neighborhood - BUT - God forbid that dampen my spirit OR my "every one is good" attitude.  I am the girl that leaves my blinds open all day and night all year round.  I'm the girl that takes a shower with the front door wide open.  I am the girl that gets out of the shower and walks through the house looking for something to wear!!!  (yeah - my neighbors LOVE me!)  ha ha   My mother cringes every time she comes to my house and every blind and sometimes every window in the house is open!  But my son and I - we don't even think about it!

OK - finally - to my point for the night......tonight I headed to town and my phone rings.  It's my son.  He's calling to tell me that after his afternoon visit to the bathroom - he was not so pleasantly surprised to realize there was no toilet paper in the bathroom.  He apparently was completely naked (I don't know - is it necessary for boys to completely disrobe to sit on the throne???  LOL)   Anyway - him - on the toilet, naked, no toilet paper.  Sooooo - he proceeds to exit  throne and take a run through the house to the kitchen for paper towels to take care of his business!!!!
I am now CRACKING UP!!!   Blinds open, middle of the day, and my 14 year old son streaking through the house for paper towels.
I bet my neighbors WISH we lived in the country!!!!!!!!!
my poor country boy trapped in the big city!  ha ha
There is no privacy here.....

*sidenote - the pictures attached, the donkeys,  that would be Julio Bud at the top and Jose Jalapeno below.  They live on the farm at my parents and belong to my son and my niece!  THEY are another country story for another day!*

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here comes the to a good start!

Happy Monday to all!!!
My week is off to a fabulous start - but it's going to be a CRAZY crazy busy week and weekend! =) *just how I like it!*
To get the week started right - today - I won FOUR tickets (how ironic for me and my 3 best SATC girlfriends) to a "Little Black Dress" party at Mai in Nashville this Saturday night! YAY! How fun is that?!?!!! AND the Bonus is: Cassie will be there AND Kaci Battaglia! I can't wait!
I should have LOTS to write about this week and ESPECIALLY this weekend! (also planning a trip to haunted houses Friday night! YAY - it's been YEARS since I have been to a haunted house!)

Anyway - here's my fav song by Cassie to start the week (this was the "cruise" theme song back in 2006!! Shout out KAT!!) And I'll go ahead and attach Kaci Battaglia's song! It's good too and it CRACKS me up in a crazy psycho girlfriend kinda way! HA

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sweet puppy video

Well - I have had a crazy busy weekend and TOTALLY slacked on my blogging. I'm WAY tired and my son just got back home from a week long vacation to the beach WITHOUT me. So I'm sharing this sweet video with you before I scurry off to bed. Animals truly have an amazing effect on us. Grab your box of kleenex and check out Baxter. I love animals...when I was little I wanted to be a vet - but then I found out that they get sick too and you sometimes have to put them to sleep - so I changed my mind. I would have cried every day.... (sniff..sniff)

Friday, October 9, 2009

The tight roll has a purpose? who knew!!!

So I went to lunch today and I'm just PRAYING to get back to work before this horrific storm hits.  The sky is black and I knew this was gonna be a freaking ridiculous monsoon - right!!??   So I rush my butt off at lunch, trying to get back and inside the building before it hits.
Nope - didn't make it.  Pulled in the parking lot and began to gather my belongings to get out of the truck - when all of a sudden, the sky opened up!   GREAT!  I'm trapped in my truck.  (which was cool for a minute cause I got to catch up on all the blog comments from recent posts!)  BUT I have to get back inside.  So as I'm gathering my things to make a run for it, I remembered how much I HATE walking in the rain in my dress pants.  They ALWAYS get freaking soaked and then I have to sit with my legs over my heater for the next 30 minutes to dry them out!
BUT - - lightbulb - I had an idea!
I tightrolled my pants!!!  LMAO!  yes I did!  rolled those suckers right up, put up my umbrella and headed for the door!  Got inside, unrolled them (although I contemplated rolling into my department like that just to see what kind of looks I got!)  ha ha
ANYWAY - point of the story - THERE IS A PURPOSE for tight rolling your pant legs!  (besides a dorky fashion faux pas from the 90's?!?!)
Who knew?!?!?
My pant legs are dry as a bone!  =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love old song remakes

Very few songs are good enough to be re-released and STILL be JUST as powerful as they were the first time through..........the words have to be pretty powerful AND it takes someone phenomenal to match that first "classic" version.
Tonight - I give to you Foreigner's "I wanna know what love is" performed by Mariah Carey!  Good Lord she is phenomenal......that girl can SING!!!!  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the piano in the beginning!  Mmmmm - what a great wedding song  ;-)
I'm also posting the lyrics after the video - READ them - good stuff!!!!

PS - after you listen to this - you might get the urge to get on YouTube and look up some old Foreigner.  Wheeeew - I LOVE me some old school 80's rock/ballads!!!  "I've been waiting for a girl like you"; "Hot Blooded"; "Jukebox Hero"; "Urgent"  - check out those hair do's!!!  LOL

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I'm colder

In my life theres been heartache and pain
I dont know if I can face it again
Cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
And I wanna feel, I want to feel what love is
And I know, I know you can show me

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm baaaaack!!!

Well.... you will all be happy to know that "Suzy Sunshine" is BAAAACK today!!!  ha ha haaaaaa
I love days when I feel like this!
Wednesday is my FAVORITE day!!!!!
In case no one has picked up on this about me yet, I am the most completely random person you will ever encounter!!

Wednesday for me is AB DAY at the gym!  My favorite!!!!  (Love David @GetTonedFitness!!)  I am DETERMINED to have VISIBLE abs by Christmas!  (my gift to myself this year!)  Yes I realize that is winter and not summer, when most are working towards that beach body.  But as much of a procrastinator as I am - I had to set a much closer goal for myself!
YAY for Ab Day !!!  :)
Wednesday is UFC and sushi day!!!  My friend "G" comes over every Wednesday night with sushi and we watch the next episode of "Ultimate Fighter"   (my most recent newfound love - ha ha)   I spent a Saturday some time ago watching a marathon of old Ultimate Fighter episodes and immediately became addicted to the sport!  LOVE IT!
YAY for sushi and UFC!!!  :)
Wednesday now also offers another of my newfound loves - CougarTown!  This show is freaking hilarious and I can NOT get over the similarities between her house and my own!  (my poor son!)  If you have not watched this yet, and you need a good laugh - check it out!  Tonight on ABC  (I have attached a sneak peek of tonight's show!)
YAY for CougarTown!!!  :)
Take this next one with a grain of salt - but my son (teenager) is on vacation this gone from my house!   I am soooo happy that he had the opportunity to go to the beach for fall break with a friend and happy that as tight as money is for us - I was able to provide the means for him to go!  But MOSTLY I'm happy for the quiet at my house!  ha ha    & Not only is it his fall break - but mine also!  So no school for me for the rest of this week OR next week!
YAY for Fall Break and vacation!!!  :)

And Bonus - the sun is out today - no more rain!!!!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall!!!!  AND it's HUMP DAY!!!  half way through the work week people!
YAY for WEDNESDAYS!!!!!!!!

Maybe that's why we have days like I had yesterday - to appreciate so much more the days like today!!  =)
Happy Wednesday
No song today - watch the clip from CougarTown instead and have a good laugh  =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

*Warning* Emo blog to follow!

Ok - am I the only one that does this?!?!?
Sometimes, when I have a bad day, when nothing seems to be going right - I tend to shut everyone out; proceed to playing sappy love songs and replay all the things in my life I have screwed up?!?!  One bad morning and I'm spiraling the rest of the day?  Hello - am I really the only one that does this to myself?!!  Glutton for it in fact!!!!
Most of the time, I can snap myself out of some crappy incident and it's effect on me....I'm all "happy" and "lucky" and ya know "suzy sunshine" (i hate her today)
But then, there are days like today......when it just doesn't stop.
Don't wanna talk to anyone, don't wanna hang out with anyone, just want to retreat within myself and ponder all day on where I made a wrong turn and what needs to be fixed......

My therapy for this:  I can not WAIT to get to the, my iPod, music and the treadmill.... and no one trying to talk to me!    *That's your warning David!*  ha ha

Monday, October 5, 2009

love v. in love?!

I came across a question posed earlier today regarding the line that divides love from "in" love.  Where is the difference?
Here is my opinion  :)
what do you think?

I think love is an emotion that we are born with; it is something that humans are born to do.  You love your mom, your dad, your family, your job, chocolate, baseball.... love can be a very intense emotion and it can be defined in so many different ways for so many different things.  You love your husband & your children in a way that you would likely give up your life for them.  But you love baseball & chocolate in a different way.  Both however different, are described as love.  Love is easy in some respects because it is such an intense emotion that comes natural in regards to most things in life.  It is something that cannot be mistaken.   True LOVE is something that can't be faked and it can't be ignored.  "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."  1 Corinthians 13:4

"In Love" is much more complicated I think - and quite difficult to find or experience.  I think "in love" can ONLY be used to describe a relationship emotion.  You are not "in love" with chocolate, but you definitely should be "in love" with your husband/wife/significant other.  I think many times people think they are in love - but are not truly.  I think it's possible in dating to love someone but not be IN LOVE with them.  I also think it's much easier to love someone as a person than to actually fully find someone that you not only love as a person, but are also in love with and can compatibly spend the rest of your life togther!  I can say from experience, I have dated someone that I truly truly love and value as a person, but unfortunately things didn't last because I was not "in love" with him. 
The other hard part about the "in love" is I think people are confused easily by attraction and lust.  (*Guilty as charged!!!)  I think if you feel some kind of initial attraction for someone, we are prone to think we are falling "in love" with someone....when it's really just an attraction.  Thus you have skipped the most critical step - loving them first!  (which means KNOWING them and respecting them as a person that you are able to love and fall in love with)

I think - to have a true genuine rest of your life relationship and eventually marriage, you must love the person AND be "in love" with the person.  And in that order.  I don't think a marriage can survive without both of them.  This is why I believe that friendship in the beginning is so important.  I think you have to LOVE the person as a person before you can actually fully fall in love with anyone!  That love is what holds you together through the rough times and that love is always what makes you able to forgive and forget when someone screws up.  We are human and we all screw up - you must love someone to truly be able to forgive.  At the same time, that passion that you find by being "in love" with someone is something that I don't feel like a relationship can survive without.  The passion and the "in love" is what keeps that big smile on your face and keeps things fun and flirty and spontaneous and keeps things from getting old and boring!  It keeps us happy and faithful!  It's also the part that requires work........when the new wears off and real life sets in, it's the "in love" that you have to make a conscious effort to keep on fire.  The love (if it's real) will always be there - but no part of forever "in love" will last unless you love enough to put in the time and work  =)

Today - I'm sharing one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies!!!
Enjoy!   and......
I wish you all love & to fall "in love" - in that order =)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

an old school dedication

My friend and I, over wine last night, (which is always amusing in itself) had a discussion about music.  It's soooo weird and amazing how powerful it is.  (I think I have mentioned that part before)  Anyway - we were at her apartment last night and heard a neighbor blasting some Michael Jackson "Billy Jean"   I STILL to this day can not hear that song without picturing myself in elementary school in PE doing some kind of random aerobic workout/dance crap!  So funny that this has never moved on.......

Anyway we began naming songs and who or what they reminded of us........and today - I would like to dedicate a song to an old first true love (or so I thought - which is HILARIOUS to me now!)  I still have a picture of us at homecoming and my BANANA CLIP!!   ALSO HILARIOUS!!!  who ever thought THAT was a good idea?!?  LMAO
OK - anyway - to my first "i thought it was love" boyfriend ..........who is NOW in PRISON!!!!!!!  Yes - that's right....burglary, breaking and entering, drugs, you name it......we broke up and it was all downhill from there....
Actually he dumped me for Mary Jane.  and look where he is now.  Wonder if he ever thinks about that decision.
So here's to you JG!

PS - can someone move this darn candycorn and peanuts off of my end table!!!!!  ha ha  Happy Fall!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Some days are harder than others....

I try really hard every day to get up and put on my smiley face to face the world, but some days are harder than others.  Yesterday was mentally, emotionally and physically harder than I have had in a long time.  Well, this entire week has been pretty draining overall, but yesterday might have just been the breaking point for me.
So - early this morning I started this post.  It was full of whining and crying and moaning and groaning about how terrible my week has been and how HORRIBLE yesterday was most of all.
But then I remembered how much I hate whiners.  They just annoy the crap out of me.
So - instead of going on and on about all the CRAP I've been through this week - I decided instead to make a list of all the things that I am THANKFUL for in my life!
When you have a really bad day - it's the best thing you can do for yourself.  So many times we get overwhelmed and take the good things in life for granted!  Today - I'm making myself take the time.

1.  My son  (he's my little lifesaver and has no idea.)
2.  My and my son's good health  (got my flu shot today too - yay me!)  *bonus:  no piggie flu in my house!*
3.  My wonderful parents who are still around and ALWAYS there when I need them!
4.  My 2 wonderful brothers and their respective wife & fiance.... all of which I love with all my heart!
5.  The best friends that a girl could ever ask for...and lots of them.
6.  My job (though I hate it some days, I'm lucky to still have one)
7.  The opportunity and ability to still be going to school and still 33 years later, fighting to better myself
8.  A roof over my head
9.  A vehicle in good working order to get me where I need to go
10.  My iPhone (ha ha ha haaaaaa - what can I say - I love it!)
11.  My church and my pastor (a true man of God and who reminds me how to get back when I get lost.)
12.  Those special people that you come across in life that unknowingly touch you and never even know it.

I could go on and on and on........but I'm already smiling and thanking God for all the good things in my life!
I hope this makes you smile and reminds you how lucky we all really are   =)
HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

the bucket list

I was looking through some old pictures last night and realized that I haven't thought about, or worked on my bucket list in some today - I'm sharing a few things on my list, some complete and some still to come.  I also ask for you to share with me.  What's on your bucket list?  You might have some things that I need to add to my list!  ha ha

#1 - swim with dolphins!  COMPLETE!  These are the pictures I was reminising over last night.  In September of 2006, after breaking off an engagement and my friend getting divorced, she and I and our respective sisters (well, the closest thing I have to a sister anyway, Denise, she's kinda adopted into my family, not by blood, but with love instead!) booked a cruise to the Caribbean!  My choice of places to cruise was based on WHERE could I swim with the dolphins!  (come on, I just cancelled a wedding - I deserved to WASTE an obscene amount of money on myself!  ha ha)  This ended up being the Bahamas!  I mean really - could it have BEEN any more perfect!  My friend and I jumped into the ocean with 2 dolphins who were actually used in the filming of the movie "Flipper".  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!!  We danced with them, kissed them, and then laid flat on our stomachs with a dolphin at each foot and they pushed us through the water!  truly AMAZING!

#2 - skydive!  COMPLETE!  This was ALWAYS something I wanted to do.  However, the older I got, the bigger of a chicken I became and this had kinda taken a backburner.......UNTIL - Lesia - a friend who I go to church with and have known most ALL my life shoots me a text one night asking if I would like to go skydiving!  My response - "Sure - TEN years ago!"  LOL   She was persistent though and eventually I caved.  I truly did want to experience sign me up - right?!!  *not to mention I am NEVER one to turn away from an adventure!!*   So - within weeks of saying yes - we head off to E-town KY.  Boy was I nervous when I arrived.   Not to infer I'm a pill head or anything - but with me I took:  Dramamine, meclizine (for motion sickness), phenergan AND valium!  HEY - I wanted to be prepared!  :)    Anyway - I did take the dramamine because I do get a little wheezy on planes, but I took nothing else!  Once I got there and signed my life away.... the rest was like a dream.  We suited up and jumped on a plane that's capacity held me, my friend, our respective tandem jumpers and the pilot!  That's it!  We sat on the floor (NOT in seats) of this tin can and rose up to 10,000 feet!  yup!  NO FEAR~~   the view was amazing and the feeling - WOW - it was just overwhelming!  Even writing about it now I get this unbelievable feeling through my body!  So anyway - once you get up to height - you basically walk out on to the wing of the plane.  Your tandem guy counts to 3 and off you go!!!  Ironically - me - the "motion sick" girl - does a FLIP out of the plane!  ha ah - hilarious!   But my boy leveled us out and I got to watch my friend jump from behind us!  At 6,000 feet, the tandem taps you and you pull your own rip cord!  at that point, you slow down and you can think and breathe again!  LOL   Coming the rest of the way down, we did spiral corkscrews with the parachute!  TRULY TRULY an experience of a lifetime!!

#3 - visit NYC!  Yes Yes - I AM a Sex and the City JUNKIE - so this bucket list item has 2 parts!  First -  I wanna visit NYC with my 3 bestest friends!  our very own little sex and the city group!  I wanna go where Sex and the City was filmed, I wanna go see a play, I wanna walk through Central Park, I wanna go to some high society bar/club and see who I can see, I wanna take a cab, I wanna run into someone famous in a normal every day setting.........all with the "Sex and the City" girls at my side!!!  Second part - (Lord only knows when this part could be possible)  I wanna walk through Central Park with the love of my life!  Hand in hand, in the crisp fall NY air, just loving life!  AND I wanna go ice skating in the the winter, also hand in hand with my man!  LOL   (That's a whole lot of buckets in one bucket item!  ha ha)

#4 - I want a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes!  I'm a little bit of a clothing whore...ha ha   I LOVE a good pair of jeans.  At some point in my life - I don't know when - I came to a point where $180 is not so bad for a good pair of jeans!  (i don't know how that happened)  A guy I know once referred to himself as a $30,000 millionaire - I'm adopting that title!  =)   Anyway - my next love is shoes.  I have various styles and colors etc.  BUT I want one good self indulgent, "i paid WAY too much for these" pair of shoes.  Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Prada, whatever..........just one pair  =)
(donations are gladly accepted!)

#5 - (this may sound totally stupid) - Marry a good man!  Stupid or not - it is a goal and something I want in my life.........and I'll be darn if I'll settle for anything less than the great man I have waited 33 (so far) years for!!  And the reason this makes the list is because the key is GOOD man ;-)    No settling until I find the right one  =)

#6 - I want to see the Grand Canyon - Been to Vegas, but didn't have time for sight seeing!  I wanna go back!!!!

 #7 - I want to go to Hollywood  - And I want to take a picture under that darn Hollywood sign!  ;-)

#8 - I want to take a gondola ride in Venice!!!  (why are almost all of my things places I want to go?  LOL)

Ok - this is enough to get started with anyway.......
Anyone have anything else on theirs?
Has anyone done any of mine??

My song of the day...........  "DREAM BIG"
don't let anything stand in your way   =)